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In April this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of publication and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the notice on strengthening the price supervision of teaching and auxiliary materials for primary and secondary schools, and decided to implement the government guided price management of the main teaching and auxiliary materials used by primary and secondary school students from the autumn semester of 2012. According to the proposed guidance price level, the price of most teaching auxiliary materials will be reduced by nearly 40% to 50% compared with the current market price. According to the last Bureau calculation of the sample of the reciprocating effect of prices in Fujian Province, the price limit is expected to reduce the burden on students in the province by about 287million yuan per year. Such an integrated process can greatly reduce the follow-up work and strong price management. While standardizing the market of teaching auxiliary publications, it also has a great impact on qualified units engaged in teaching auxiliary publications

it is understood that there are five publishing houses engaged in teaching assistant publishing in Fujian, as well as many private institutions. Shi Qun, President of Fujian people's publishing house, told "China publishing press folder samples (add extension meter if it needs to be added)" After the price reduction, the company will reduce the profit of nearly 10million yuan a year, accounting for 40% of the annual profit of the whole company. Together with inflation and the rise of paper and labor costs, the profit space will be further compressed. In addition to the substantial reduction in profits caused by the price limit itself, the licensing fee is another big loss. According to the regulations, publishing houses should authorize qualified publishers to publish teaching materials and teaching aids. At present, we only have the authorization of people's education society, and the authorization fee has increased compared with previous years. Other qualified publishers are now unwilling to authorize, resulting in 5% of publishing houses with teaching materials and teaching aids publishing qualifications monopolizing the national market

chenxiaodong, President of Fujian children's publishing house, said that the profit of children's Publishing House would be reduced by more than 15 million yuan after the price limit, accounting for 60% of the profit of the whole society. The content of teaching aids has continuity. After the price limit, the printing sheets of teaching aids have changed. The content that has been typeset should be readjusted, and the human expenditure should be increased. At the same time, the licensing fee should be paid, indirectly increasing the investment of the publishing house. All the losses add up, and now there is basically no profit for publishing teaching aids. Chen Xiaodong said

among Fujian publishing houses, only Fujian Education Society has the publishing qualification of a set of English textbooks, and other publishing houses only have the authorization of other qualified publishing houses outside the province to publish supporting teaching aids. A relevant person from the Fujian Provincial Publishing Bureau told that except for the publishing rights of two sets of teaching aids granted by the people's education society to the publishing houses in Fujian Province, no other authorization was obtained, which was fatal to the publishing houses in Fujian Province

but the price limit of teaching aids is on the line. In combination with the actual situation of Fujian Province, the competent departments of price, publishing and education in Fujian Province recently jointly issued policies and measures to strengthen the price supervision of teaching aids in primary and secondary schools in Fujian Province, which is one of the effective tools for human beings to fight against disease. In addition to the price management regulations required by the relevant government, Fujian Province will also establish a price publicity system for teaching auxiliary materials. All publishing units are required to publicize the prices of teaching aids published by their units on the prominent position of the unit's Internet page before the start of each semester, and accept social supervision. At the same time, relevant government departments will also comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the price policy and publicity system of teaching and auxiliary materials

the post teaching assistance era of publishing houses is coming. For publishing houses, they should face up to the reality and actively deal with it to make up for the impact of price limits. Relevant people from the Fujian Provincial Publishing Bureau suggested that the price limit and authorization of teaching aids are hard standards, and the publishing houses in the province should actively seek authorization in addition to cooperating with the restrictions

Shi Qun said that the price management of teaching aids caught the publishing house by surprise. The publishing house basically did not have an adjustment period. Everything prepared last year was cancelled, and the publishing house also had a large backlog of paper purchased for publishing teaching aids. Chen Xiaodong said that teaching aids cannot be the main direction of publishing houses now. Publishing houses must gradually get rid of the dependence on teaching aids, adjust the product structure, gradually reduce the scale of teaching aids, turn to the development of general books and digital products, and develop new product clusters

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