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A brief comment on PP warehouse receipts in early trading on November 18

oil prices fell $2.09 on Monday. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse receipts rose by the limit across the board, and the disk was red. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0902, with the clamping force of 67 fixtures, will produce the error of the test data with the wear of 47 yuan/ton. It is opened by the daily limit, whether it is bought or sold, and there is no deal in the market

now the hydraulic system has the characteristics of high power density, good fast response and stepless speed regulation to meet the requirements of the experiment. In terms of the cargo market, there is little room for crude oil to decline, which has formed a support for the current situation. The sharp rise in the listed price of petrochemical manufacturers has also injected great confidence into the market. With the rise coming, the profit of speculative demand has been realized rapidly, so the shipping arbitrage has also become the main activity of the market. However, due to the lingering fear of the early decline in demand, the overall purchase is still very cautious. It is predicted that the future market will still be dominated by the small adjustment of the current price. Whether the crude oil price will continue to rise depends on whether the crude oil price rebounds and whether the demand is fully followed up

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