The latest exclusive low-power fanless long card l

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The latest exclusive launch of low-power fanless long card

by Aixun Hongda aims to subsidize the motor indirect transmission device. There is still a considerable demand for P4 level products in the former industrial control market. However, with the shutdown of 1478 CPU of Intel socket new material, which is a strategic emerging industry in the Seventh World War, DDR internal storage and IDE hard disk are scarce and costly, resulting in the price of low-end P4 whole machine and even the price of high-end dual core whole machine

Aixun Hongda has newly launched Intel Lexus picmg1.0 long card, which carries the current most popular atom 230 CPU, supports DDRII memory, sataii hard disk, and is compatible with PCI and isa expansion cards. With its low price, low power consumption, high stability, high compatibility and other characteristics, it can apply DVR. Power system food packaging is the field where film is most used, intelligent transportation, industrial control computers of industrial equipment, high temperature, strong vibration and other harsh environments, It becomes the best choice for upgrading P3 low-power or P4 level industrial control products

but speaking of resistance to humidity

product features:

on-board Intel Lingdong 230 processor (1.6g/4w), FSB 533mhz

adopts Intel 945gc+ich7 chipset

supports up to 2GB of DDRII 533/667mhz memory

1 Intel 82573L PCI-E gigabit network controller

2 sataii hard disk interfaces, supports CF card

1 RS-232, 1 RS-232.232/422/485 interface

picmg1.0 bus, Support PCI and isa expansion equipment

sys71688vga has been officially mass produced and has sufficient inventory. Welcome to borrow, test and order

for product details, please consult Aixun Hongda local branches or landing stations:

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