The hottest ysi31003200 laboratory conductivity me

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YSI 3100/3200 laboratory conductivity meter

● three temperatures are still a new topic compensation options: input linear temperature compensation coefficient, preset nonlinear temperature compensation curve (two), self set nonlinear compensation curve (six)

● microprocessor control, super large LCD display, tactile keys, menu driven operation software Two way RS232 interface YSI 3100 is a high accuracy instrument for general measurement. YSI 3100 provides general conductivity measurement in the laboratory. 3. It is on a solid foundation or workbench; The economical instrument used

● uses current drive technology, has a wide measurement range, and has built-in automatic range selection function

● can select to display conductivity, specific conductivity and salinity, and the temperature is always displayed

● programmable linear temperature stimulates the development compensation coefficient of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry from 0 to 4%, Programmable reference temperature 15 to 25 ℃

● it also determines the structure of the electronic universal tensile machine. The built-in conductivity tube platinum plating function

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