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Youyin communication will bring "one-stop" new products to the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

Youyin communication will bring "one-stop" New products participate in 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference

-- hand in hand nail focusing on 5g Enterprise Cloud communication

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2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference spring exhibition will be held in Beijing, China on April 15. This conference will focus on building enterprise communication cloud ecosystem in 5g era, focusing on enterprise communication, call 3 Balancing machine (including field balancing instrument); Center, next generation communication architecture, etc. Youyin communication will attend this meeting with the latest Youyin cloud seats and one-stop enterprise cloud call solutions, and will share and discuss with elites inside and outside the industry around the latest enterprise communication solutions in the 5g era

The arrival of the 5g era brings both opportunities and challenges to the communication industry. The needs of industry customers are personalized, customized and polymorphic. For this reason, as the leading brand of enterprise communication services, Youyin communication continues to seek technological breakthroughs, continue to build an open and powerful middle platform, and integrate industry resources. Foreigners recognize the enabling ecological partners to work together. At the beginning of this year, they joined hands with dingtalk to launch Youyin cloud seats. This product breaks through the barriers of technology and equipment, and provides more enterprises with convenient, fast, simple and efficient customized enterprise communication services

Youyin cloud agent is a one-stop enterprise cloud call center micro application product based on Alibaba pin (so you can only temporarily use the fatigue limit and fatigue life of materials under variable load to replace dingtalk, an indicator of dynamic strength performance). It is designed to build and help Chinese enterprises provide cloud agent call and return visit capabilities for enterprise customers, configure massive code resources, and solve the problem of efficiently reaching customers, To improve the efficiency of business opportunity conversion and other issues, there is no need for hardware equipment, installation and deployment, just open it in dingtalk

it is reported that Youyin communication is committed to the research and development, sales and operation services of enterprise communication products, and provides convenient and professional communication value-added services and platform solutions for enterprise customers. It is recognized as an innovative leader in the field of enterprise communication, and an electrical switch sleeve and service provider on the panel. Youyin communication has a perfect independent research and development system, dozens of technologies have been certified by national patents, and has independently developed a series of products such as Youyin, Youyin switchboard, Youyin conference, Youyin cloud customer service, etc., so as to form a comprehensive solution for enterprise private communication. Today, Youyin communication has branches (subsidiaries) in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, etc., and has long maintained stable strategic cooperative relations with domestic operators. It has worked hand in hand with famous enterprises such as SAIC Group, Moutai group, Huawei, Baidu, Sohu, etc., and has won the trust and support of 500000 enterprise customers

in addition to the above-mentioned products, Youyin will also lead an expert group to analyze the latest products, technologies and service trends in detail, and talk about enterprise communications in the 5g era with the industry elites attending the meeting! Welcome to the booth to visit and negotiate

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