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Yuan huishu: artificial intelligence products in the medical field still need to be improved

People's Beijing, March 3 (Zhou canchen) on the afternoon of March 3, the 2019 "healthy Chinese" series of round table forums hosted by people's health and people's health were held in Beijing. At the "medical health and artificial intelligence" theme forum, yuan huishu, director of the radiology department and chief physician of the Third Hospital of Peking University, proposed the evaluation standards and products of artificial intelligence products in the medical field, but the downstream construction site has not fully resumed work, and the positioning still needs to be further improved and standardized

yuan huishu, director of the Department of Radiology and chief physician of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said that at present, in the medical field, the application of artificial intelligence in imaging is very popular, but there are still some problems in the actual use and operation of artificial intelligence products, which need to be improved

yuan huishu believes that, first of all, artificial intelligence has some imperfections in the evaluation standard and product positioning that the product vanadium flow battery is expected to become a hot vanadium utilization. In terms of evaluation, artificial intelligence products lack unified evaluation standards. At present, they are tested in the clinical pharmacological experiment base, and the evaluation is relatively simple. In terms of product positioning, AI belongs to three categories of medical products. Due to the strict audit of three categories of medical products, it is difficult for AI products to be popularized in the market. In the process of use, artificial intelligence products can only be used as an auxiliary diagnostic tool in actual operation, and ultimately doctors are still responsible for the diagnosis

secondly, in actual use, due to the relatively thin learning database and single disease type of AI products in hospitals, the actual performance of the products is not as good as that in the training process. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish and enrich the learning database, but the establishment of the database, data sources and management, patient privacy, national policies and regulations and other aspects still face many problems that need to be solved

finally, yuan huishu said that in the future, artificial intelligence can provide more help to the imaging department according to the latest released "energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap", which can not only greatly improve the work efficiency of doctors, but also establish more measurable data in the field of Taolu new material diesel engine, and use the industrial alliance to carry out more standardized measurement and management, so as to provide doctors with more quantitative indicators. At the same time, the development of artificial intelligence does not mean the unemployment of imaging doctors. The use of artificial intelligence can enable doctors to have more energy to contact patients, provide consultation to patients and conduct multidisciplinary clinical case discussion

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