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Youyin communication is invited to participate in the 2017 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the spring exhibition of 2017 China call center Enterprise Communication Expo China will be held in Beijing from March 23 to 24

as the largest call center and professional event in the field of enterprise communication in the Asia Pacific region, the exhibition brings together authoritative experts in the ICT industry from all over Asia and even the world for material certification - leading new benchmark scholars, merchants, manufacturers and end users from various vertical industries in the development of engineering plastics. As the invited guest of this exhibition, Beijing Youyin Communication Co., Ltd. hereby participates in the exhibition

this conference will take shaping future technology and improving communication experience as the theme, focus on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other topics, show a variety of cutting-edge technologies, continue to promote the development of ICT industry, and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development

as an enterprise that has served in the communication industry for 12 years, Youyin communication has unique and comprehensive views on enterprise communication management. At that time, at booth A07, Youyin communication will promote its latest products and personalized enterprise communication solutions, comprehensively display its strong technical capabilities and comprehensive advantages, and seek to cooperate with the majority of participating enterprises for common prosperity and development

innovative research and development of Youyin cloud platform, significantly improve the communication ability

Youyin communication has exclusively innovative research and development of Youyin cloud platform to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with communication service rental and communication ability integrated Internet services, significantly improve the communication ability, and fully meet the development needs of enterprises' cross regional groups and remote offices

Youyin cloud platform is an interconnected cloud platform in the PAAS platform (PAAS, platform-as-a-service; platform as a service) mode. By encapsulating complex communication functions into SDK and API interfaces, it can provide nearly 600 interfaces at five ends (PC end, web end, service end, IOS end, Android end) for the structural design of enterprise IT system parts and mold gate layout to play a decisive role in the appearance quality of products, Let enterprises easily realize more than 20 professional value-added communication functions, such as instant messaging (IM), voice call, voice notification, voice intercom, voice conference, video call, video conference, call center, intelligent IVR, etc

powerful access capability creates more communication possibilities

Youyin communication has "The workshop is my 'battlefield' with strong access capability. The exclusive interface service integrates all communication products of the enterprise, helps the development of the enterprise together, and provides more communication possibilities for enterprise communication services.

there are rich number access resources:

Youyin communication provides enterprises with millions of 400 numbers, MIIT 95 numbers, Unicom 1010 numbers, and local fixed line numbers in many provinces and cities across the country. A large number of numbers Resources provide customers with more choices to meet the needs of enterprise communication

stable line access resources:

Youyin cloud communication has carried out in-depth cooperation with operators, with high-quality lines, clear/stable voice call quality, high concurrency, high security, high stability, high reliability, high connection rate, ensuring safe and smooth calls

other access methods:

the Youyin cloud platform also supports relay access or IP access

industry leading group ability to meet the needs of enterprise communication

Youyin communication takes rich number resources as the access number, provides enterprises with various types of voice access services, and supports a variety of access methods to help enterprises realize the ability of cross regional groups, and can be flexibly expanded according to the actual needs of enterprises to meet the communication needs of cross regional groups and free mobile office

in the field of enterprise communication, Youyin communication has always been at the forefront of the industry. At this time, Koizumi will replace it with materials of other shapes and achieve impressive results

Youyin communication has spared no effort in the research and development of enterprise communication technology and products. The ultimate communication experience and comprehensive features have always led the industry trend. Cost-effective communication solutions and considerate after-sales service have also been favored by global enterprise customers

through this exhibition, Youyin communication will carry out technical discussions with its counterparts with Youyin's characteristic technologies and products, seek to cooperate with more enterprises, further improve Youyin's technological innovation ability, find a new mode to improve enterprise communication, and provide enterprises with more professional, perfect and thoughtful communication services

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