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The essence of business operation is still inseparable from communication. Networking and digitalization make communication more convenient. However, with the continuous development of digitalization, the issue of personal privacy has become increasingly prominent. The formulation of the draft of China's personal information law and the notice on strengthening the business management of call centers issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology have been introduced, They are constantly standardizing and guiding compliance business communication and marketing consulting methods

from the perspective of industry distribution, China's telecommunications, finance, postal services, logistics, civil aviation, online shopping and live delivery, consumer electronics, retail, transportation and tourism, media, public utilities (electricity, tap water and gas), tobacco, petrochemical, manufacturing, health care, statistical survey, government outsourcing and consulting services will all involve voice consulting services and communication services. Since most of the commercial enterprises serving various industries are small, medium and micro enterprises, how can we give consideration to their own communication needs and meet the voice marketing needs of enterprises, so as to more conveniently, reliably and stably support the business needs of commercial enterprise customers in various industries

as an excellent solution provider deeply rooted in the enterprise communication industry for more than ten years, Youyin communication has recently launched an upgraded Youyin cloud switchboard product. By using local fixed line numbers, it helps enterprises establish communication networks for office communication and business consulting, and provides super convenient, highly reliable and stable communication services for business customers in various industries through self-developed communication technology, so that enterprises can quickly open and deploy office and business communication solutions

Youyin cloud switchboard has the function of traditional enterprise switchboard and direct dialing. Among them, the enterprise switchboard function can open one or more local numbers as the switchboard number for external use, and use the switchboard number uniformly for external customers to contact and consult; Multiple extension numbers are set inside the enterprise for internal employees to use, so that an independent and private office communication network can be formed within the enterprise, and employees can call each other free by dialing the extension number directly

the line function only needs to open a local number for direct use, and the extension number is no longer extended. Usually, a straight line is only bound to one or more receiving terminals. If a receiving terminal is bound, the incoming call will ring and answer directly, and the number will be dialed directly when the outgoing call is made; When binding multiple answering terminals, ring in the binding order or at the same time. Mutual dialing and transfer are not supported between multiple answering terminals. According to the actual needs of different business customers, Youyin cloud switchboard can be installed and set the communication layout freely and flexibly. For example:

start up small and micro enterprises

small customers generally have only oneortwo seats, which can adopt the straight-line mode. After the user dials the enterprise number, the call will be directly transferred to the preset terminal. If the overload or unloading angle is too large, the call will be answered quickly

stable medium-sized enterprises

medium sized customers generally have offices in many places, and there are several seats in various places. The enterprise switchboard mode can be adopted. Call each other by dialing a short number within the enterprise; When external users dial the enterprise switchboard, they can dial the seat extension number directly or transfer the call from the front desk. When the transfer cannot be connected, they can leave voice messages

large enterprises and groups

large and group customers generally have offices in many places, with several seats in various places, and the office may have existing networks. The enterprise switchboard mode can be adopted, and IAD equipment can be added in the offices of existing networks; SIP docking mode can also be adopted. Call is realized through mutual transfer between Youyin cloud platform and enterprise free communication platform

the Vickers hardness test of youyinyun switchboard is mainly used in material research and scientific experiments. The small load Vickers hardness test is mainly used to test the hardness of small precision parts. It not only has the call function of traditional enterprise switchboard and direct dial, but also provides more value-added services such as enterprise RBT, hang up/missed SMS, call recording, conference, blacklist, self kaiercai exhibition, which plays an important role in the local economy, service portal management and so on, It allows business customers in more industries to flexibly set up the communication mode and voice services that are most suitable for their industries according to their own needs without switching impact; Force

over the past ten years, Youyin communication has always supported the communication services and management of various business customers with its strong service undertaking ability, good operation and maintenance ability, and experience in operation level customer service. The high-quality communication services of Youyin communication have been recognized by relevant ministries and commissions and competent units. What Youyin communication needs to do is to provide support for enterprises to improve customer satisfaction, and provide a tool support for enterprises' business acquisition and customer development. In order to support small and medium-sized enterprises to steadily expand the domestic market, Youyin communication relies on a full range of enterprise communication products and communication services such as Youyin cloud switchboard, Youyin, Youyin conference mobile cloud seats, and Youyin cloud platform, effectively helping small and medium-sized enterprises to rapidly digitize and open up the market, and helping all types of small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the efficient transformation of business opportunities

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