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Yuanyou heavy industry: "respond to changes with constancy" to improve its core competitiveness

Yuanyou heavy industry: "respond to changes with constancy" to improve its core competitiveness

2017 was adopted by the epidemic prevention and Control Office of the provincial government and municipal governments - China Construction Machinery Information

introduction: only by doing a good job in management, products and services and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises can we remain invincible under the new normal

From the end of the 12th Five Year Plan to the beginning of the 13th five year plan, the national domestic and foreign policies are in the adjustment period, the industry situation is changing, and the financial policies, tax policies, industry certification, standards, intellectual property policies, etc. are also in the pilot period. In particular, the change in the direction of national investment is affecting the PPG of the industry. In the past nine years, PPG has been developing together and changing the market of industrial products, It affects the research and development direction of industrial products. In the construction machinery industry, it is particularly obvious that the overcapacity of construction materials such as concrete and the corresponding machinery products is also overcapacity, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many products fall into the strange circle of low-cost competition, which makes many production enterprises under increasing pressure to survive. In the face of today's situation, how can enterprises survive without falling into the strange circle of low price competition

Tianjin station of the 14th Bureau

Yang Zhifang, chief engineer of Yuanyou heavy industry, believes that we should relax our mentality, respond to changes without change, do a good job in the internal skills of the enterprise, strive to do a good job in management, products and services, and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to remain invincible under the new normal. In terms of products, Yuanyou concrete mixing plant has an eye-catching market performance. About the reasons behind this, teacher Yang Zhifang said: "the products have been recognized by users." Behind the simple answer is the value the product brings to users. Yuanyou heavy industry has launched a container type foundation free concrete mixing plant, which is especially suitable for customers with short-term projects and frequent relocation, and has set a record of completing the installation and delivery of double 180 stations within ten days. It is understood that the hot sale of this product has become a new business growth point of Yuanyou heavy industry in 2016

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