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Deep integration of Internet and glass industry

it was learned from GOME, Suning and other home appliance stores that the traditional colors of large home appliances were mainly silver, white, black and gray, but they have gradually become colorful in recent years. Like refrigerators, wine red and blue have increasingly become the main colors. Rongsheng series refrigerators have successively launched three colors: Kelon blue, vermilion red and emerald green. Samsung supreme series focuses on wine red. LG noble series refrigerators use tempered glass panels and glass mirrors, Decorated with originality "If the express packaging bags and adhesive tapes are made of biodegradable plastics, Shengtang pattern. The trend of glass panels of washing machines and three-dimensional air conditioners is also similar to that of refrigerators in the morning. The new business model of deep integration between Internet and traditional manufacturing enterprises has become a new drainage model for Internet e-commerce. For example, in the glass panel industry of home appliances, customization has also been played after intelligence. Glass The glass panel is coated with one or more layers of metal or compound films on the glass surface with the tempered glass as the substrate and the printed tempered glass as the substrate. After the coating is silk screen printed, the transmission of harmful light such as ultraviolet rays can be effectively reduced or weakened. It also has heat insulation, anti fog, daylighting, energy saving and other properties. The mirror surface decoration effect is better and easier to scrub after printing patterns

nowadays, young salaried white-collar workers have become the main consumer of color household appliances, and middle-aged people are also showing a certain preference for color household appliances, among which the change of female consumption is most obvious with the assistance and cooperation of Zhaoqing Hongwang. When shopping, consumers begin to pursue individuality, publicize and reflect their true self in consumption, and no longer blindly pursue popularization. Glass panels have caused a boom in the market, which will shine in the market and become an important choice for home appliances

however, the glass panel is a combined product in household appliances. The problem that makes consumers headache is that the glass panel of household appliances is not so easy to buy when it is broken. Now many home appliance stores do not only sell glass shelves, but maintenance businesses often charge high maintenance fees or even refuse to repair because the shelf glass of the design accessories of the main machine and auxiliary equipment is difficult to find, Many other small household appliances have also become one-time consumables due to maintenance costs. Even if some consumers buy accessories through stores or small commodity markets, the glass quality problem is also very prominent, and there are many potential safety hazards. In fact, at present, the quality of many refrigerator shelf glass products in the market is uneven. Even if there are national standards, there are many unqualified products in the market circulation

in order to solve such problems as purchase and distribution of less than carload products, in order to meet different needs of customers, the domestic glass vertical trading platform E-glass mall can effectively solve the problem of damage and repair through zero order distribution. In the mall, you can not only buy a panel, but also be responsible for zero order distribution, and a piece of glass can also be delivered home. The package passes through air cushions, cartons and wooden cases. If it is damaged during transportation, you can apply for full compensation

glass panel is just a small example of the deep integration of interconnection and glass industry. In the future, when e-commerce becomes the main means of glass trading, a large range of glass products, surrounding packaging materials and even glass machinery will go online for trading, improving traditional channels to obtain new development opportunities, and reminding traditional enterprises that they can grasp opportunities and meet challenges in the face of the interconnection trend at the national strategic level

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