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International trade futures: on Monday, the market of Shanghai rubber will rise from the bottom to the bottom

on Monday, Shanghai rubber will rise from the bottom to the bottom. The main 701 contract opened at 19600, with a maximum of 19675 and a minimum of 19315, and closed at 19620. There were 160000 transactions, up 325 points. On the disk, in the morning, Shanghai Jiaotong was strong. In the afternoon, stimulated by the trading limit of related varieties of white sugar, it rose in shock and closed in the high price area within the day. Basically, the international crude oil price stabilized and rebounded, and it was reported to US $58.91 on the electronic disk. Hainan spot market reported 18511, rising slightly. Technically, at present, Shanghai Jiaotong is operating at the end of the small C wave adjustment, where the investment scope of industrialization of rare earth scintillation crystals and high-performance detector devices can be adjusted. It is expected that the future market may break through the same as that of white sugar. Operation suggestion: buy moderately

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