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The Internet credit report shows that 80% of consumers want to see the business credit report. Recently, the fifth World Internet Conference came to a successful conclusion in Wuzhen. Focusing on the theme of "creating a digital world of mutual trust and Governance - jointly building a community of shared future in cyberspace", the conference attracted more than 400 well-known Internet enterprises and innovative enterprises from home and abroad. As one of the release activities of this world Internet Conference, the release of China Internet credit report (hereinafter referred to as the report) phase change materials absorb and store a large amount of latent heat; When the phase change materials are cooled, people inside and outside the industry can have a clearer understanding of the development status of China Internet credit. The report analyzes the 8-year cultivation of China's Internet dishonesty by intelligent manufacturing system integrators, the citizens' recognition of third-party Internet credit evaluation, and the great role of third-party credit in promoting the benign development of China's Internet. It also points out that the total demand of enterprises for credit certification services is more than 90% of the total PVC brand hs11300, and 80% of consumers are eager to see the business and platform credit reports

the report shows that from 2017 to 2018, in the field of national complaints, the problems in the field of e-commerce were particularly prominent, accounting for nearly 3/4. Return of goods, delivery of goods and quality of goods are still "chronic" problems of e-commerce, ranking among the top three hot complaints

consumer complaints are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and the proportion in Guangdong is as high as 11.97%. This is directly related to the local shopping craze. With the popularity of online shopping in the central and western regions and the improvement of consumers' awareness of safeguarding their rights, the number of online consumer complaints in Hubei, Sichuan and other places has also increased significantly, ranking among the top ten areas with a concentration of online consumer complaints in China. In addition, from the perspective of gender, men have a higher awareness of safeguarding rights than women

from the report, both individuals and enterprises have a strong demand for credit certification. The data shows that the longer an enterprise operates, the higher the proportion of credit certification. Most enterprise managers believe that honesty plays an important role in helping enterprises form excellent corporate culture, establish a good corporate image, expand customer groups, reduce operating costs and improve profit margins. At present, the demand of enterprises for credit certification services generally exceeds 90%, focusing on three aspects: free, paid and on-demand, and providing different levels of services on demand has the highest demand. In addition, the role of third-party credit certification is related to the years of establishment of the enterprise. Of the enterprises that have been established for 5-10 years, up to 80% think it is very helpful, and 42% of the enterprises that have been established for 3-5 years think it is very helpful

individual consumers are also willing to see the credit evaluation of businesses and platforms, accounting for 80%. Consumers' demand for credit authentication of businesses and platforms can be seen from the order rate data. The ratio of uncertified reviews to certified stores is 1:13.8. Compared with the two, the credit rating of unauthenticated stores in consumers is significantly lower than that of certified stores. Unauthenticated stores will lead to a large loss of store traffic

the conference also launched "brand rankings" such as "e-commerce industry brand rankings". Based on the comprehensive scores of credit rating and satisfaction index, the conference captured information from all dimensions through big data from the national computer network emergency technology processing coordination center, China Consumer Association, e-commerce 315 exposure platform and other sources, and scored each brand fairly and fairly. The list was published quarterly

it is understood that the report was jointly released by Beijing Panshi Credit Management Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the Internet Credit Research Institute, the Internet credit certification platform and China Mobile Internet security credit certification center. The organizer said that through the report released this time, people inside and outside the industry can more clearly understand the development status of China's Internet credit and grasp the dishonesty in the network space, Find the 14 cases of Internet parties that solve the problem of dishonesty, and provide reference for the construction of Internet credit

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