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Internet is changing our life. What are machine tool enterprises waiting for

Abstract: in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, online chat, shopping, payment and other methods have been unconsciously integrated into people's daily life

in a twinkling of an eye, more than half of 2017 has passed. When the hot August came, the author rushed out of the community at 7:00 a.m. and saw all kinds of colors in front of him, which can be said to be a colorful shared bike when the microcomputer was operating. Open the network, click the app to scan the code and unlock the lock. The author has been doing this series of actions for more than four months. Riding a bicycle and listening to songs, on the way to the company, the author was very sure that we not only need to check these two key points, but also the mechanical properties of the materials have been reflected on the dial, which has changed our working methods and changed our lives

in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, online chat, shopping, payment and other methods have been unconsciously integrated into people's daily life. As a "civil servant" in the machine tool industry, the author has also really felt the leap forward changes brought about by the Internet to the machine tool industry. More and more enterprises realize sales through the Internet and begin to promote such brands with the help of the Internet platform. Now it seems that such needs are becoming more and more urgent

as a national pillar industry, China's manufacturing industry has maintained a good development trend. The vigorous development of the manufacturing industry has been driving the machine tool industry upward steadily. However, with the disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the growth of labor costs, the traditional manufacturing industry can no longer rely on cheap labor as before. At this time, the emergence of interconnection makes the traditional manufacturing industry see a glimmer of dawn. For the traditional manufacturing industry, the rational use of interconnection is to inject a new impetus into the development of enterprises

the author carefully recalls that it is difficult to see the shadow of the manufacturing industry in the TV advertisements of traditional media. Most of the advertisements are in the daily necessities and consumer services industries, and there are few manufacturing industries. As far as the machine tool industry is concerned, it can hardly be seen in the traditional media advertising. The reason why there is no advertising is that the machine tool industry is not highly relevant to the public and the product audience is small. In addition, the needs of users are usually uncertain. Unlike cold drinks and air conditioners, machine tool products are essential supplies in urban summer. Basically, when purchasing machine tools, all machine tool users need to look at the physical objects before deciding whether to buy them

machine tool products are different from daily necessities, and cannot be simply transported by express. In the past, if users wanted to understand the performance of a machine tool, they often needed to go to various exhibitions to check the machine tool on the spot. It will take a long time for the buyer and the seller to purchase and finally reach a transaction. No matter for machine tool manufacturers or users, it has caused some inconvenience

now, users can not only understand the product information through the exhibition, but also view the relevant information of the machine tool they want to buy in advance through the Internet. For machine tool enterprises, a good Internet platform can not only enable enterprises to display their products in an all-round way, but also help enterprises to open up a larger market and take their development to a higher level. For users, the Internet platform eliminates the pain of previous machine tool users, enables users to clearly understand the details of various machine tool products without leaving home, and also provides great convenience for communication between users and enterprises

some data show that over the past year, the number of B2B registered enterprises is gradually increasing. As far as China's machine tool business is concerned, the number of new registered member units in 2017 alone reached 3138. It can be predicted that more enterprises will participate in the Internet promotion in the future

today, with the general trend of "Internet +", many small and medium-sized machine tool enterprises need to actively follow the trend and blindly work behind closed doors if they want to make their own development better. In order not to be abandoned by the times in the dust of history, we must use new thinking and new blood to change ourselves. Those who are good at seizing opportunities will always reap more success. The author believes that today's Internet platform gives machine tool enterprises an opportunity to lose

. Compared with the high capital investment in the exhibition, with the help of the relatively low promotion cost of Internet and the extensive publicity of network media, small and medium-sized enterprises in the machine tool industry can get better development. Machine tool enterprises and interconnection have two disadvantages respectively and two advantages if combined. Why not

with the popularization of the concept of "interconnection +", the influence of interconnection will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Machine tool enterprises must make plans and layout in advance, and strive to occupy a place in today's fierce market competition

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