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"Internet +" drives the strong rise of digital economy

Abstract: with the continuous evolution and promotion of digital technology, "Internet +" has gradually changed from concept to reality, and the speed of its implementation is amazing. The industry pointed out that the digital economy generated by "Internet +" contains huge kinetic energy to promote China's economic development, and all industries around the world are also planning "digital" development strategies

with the continuous evolution and promotion of digital technology, "Internet +" has gradually changed from concept to reality, and the speed of its implementation is amazing. The industry pointed out that the digital economy generated by "Internet +" contains huge kinetic energy to promote China's economic development, and all industries around the world are also planning "digital" development strategies

"Internet +" permeates every corner of society

ligongmin, a farmer in Jinpen village, Wuxi County, Chongqing, is engaged in pig breeding. In the past, when he needed an invoice, he only had to go to the tax office of the county to handle it. It often took several hours to go once. Sometimes he had to go twoorthree times because of incomplete procedures, which was time-consuming and laborious. Later, after the "tax" went online, the staff of the national tax department suggested that he try to use the "Chongqing national tax" official account to do tax, but he didn't expect to taste the sweetness. After that, he only needs to "brush his face" at home to pay taxes, and the invoice is sent to his home by express delivery from the tax bureau

this is the "Internet +" implementation project launched by Chongqing National Tax System - making public affairs more convenient by establishing an "electronic tax bureau"

at the 2018 China "Internet +" digital economy summit, the organizers announced the final selection results of 2017 "Internet +" excellent cases, showing the integration experience of "Internet +" in the fields of health care, education, police and so on. With the convenience and expansion of application scenarios, Chongqing "tax" was successfully selected

"taxation" is not an isolated case. With the help of the inclusive information infrastructure, the "Smart Life" at the fingertips has arrived: registration for medical treatment, payment of water and electricity charges, illegal traffic payment, withdrawal of provident fund, etc. can be easily completed. In terms of home, by checking the situation at home in real time, you can open the door without carrying a key and with the help of a password... "Smart Life" has become a fingertip choice within your reach

from the earliest computers, to IOT and sensors, to today's mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and big data, new digital technologies connect urban infrastructure more efficiently and conveniently. Smart transportation represented by bus code makes it more convenient for residents to travel; Many new models of medical services and commercial retail have been born due to mobile payment... Digital technology is increasingly penetrating into people's work and life, and the new digital life that once exceeded people's imagination is becoming a vivid reality

the integration and innovation of healthcare and Internet is also undergoing positive changes. In August last year, Tencent released its first product "Tencent image seeking" that applied artificial intelligence technology to medical imaging. Chenwanwan, vice president of Tencent, said that through the enhancement and analysis of medical images, the technology assists doctors. In recent years, the country should contact the manufacturer to replace it. It is vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry to diagnose early esophageal cancer, diabetes retinopathy, pulmonary nodules and other diseases more accurately and efficiently. At present, Tencent has landed in more than 100 grade III hospitals in China

during the summit, Tencent Research Institute also released the report on China's "Internet +" index (2018), which gives a panoramic view of the development of digital economy in 351 cities in China in 2017 and depicts a "pulsating map of Digital China"

Zhang Wei, vice president of Tencent Internet + said that "Internet +" has made three changes to urban services: the first is the digitalization of urban services. In the past, many services relied on manual and paper. Information technology has turned the service process into digital and made the data "run"; The second is that data can be connected. In the past, the fragmented data caused by data disconnection was useless. Now the government departments are willing to open and connect data; The third change is the profound reshaping of the service model. Digitalization, intellectualization and intelligence have greatly improved efficiency. They have also changed many collaborative relationships and brought more possibilities for services. For example, it is connected with the smart service of the community. As long as you scan the code, you can open the access control of the community; Connect the school's services with offline services through campus cards; Payment solves the problem of queuing up for medical treatment and payment, and medical reimbursement can be completed with one click...

Zhou Xianghong, Professor of Tongji University, said that "Internet +" has changed the defect of mismatching supply and demand in traditional public management, and realized a service model centered on public demand

digital economy breeds new economic momentum

"digital economy is a new economic and social development form after agricultural economy and industrial economy." Said Sixiao, President of Tencent Research Institute

the impact of digital economy on China is not only reflected in the macro-economic scale, but also penetrated into every link of enterprise production and people's life. The integration of interconnection and manufacturing industry not only brings positive integration in technological innovation, but also may lead to the reshaping or reconstruction of business model, setting off a digital revolution in the manufacturing industry

Sany group has built an "industrial Internet platform", which, combined with cloud computing, connects 300000 devices distributed around the world to the platform, collects nearly 10000 operating parameters in real time, and remotely manages the operation status of a large group of devices. It not only realizes fault repair to the site within 2 hours and 24 hours, but also realizes accurate big data analysis, prediction, operation and other support services

zhouqiren, a famous economist and professor of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, said that using digital technology to transform production, management and sales processes, reduce costs, focus on quality, and reduce the threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises to absorb new technologies will be a new hope for made in China

at the round table forum of this summit, industry leaders talked about the integration and innovation of various industries and the Internet, and collided with the integration scene of various industries and the "Internet +" digital economy. Zhuhuarong, President of Chang'an Automobile, said that thanks to the support of big data, cloud computing, sensing technology and artificial intelligence, smart cars or driverless cars are the next tuyere in the automotive industry

in view of the digital development of the financial industry, wangjingdong, vice president of ICBC, said: "Internet + 'is widely used in the financial field. For example, artificial intelligence is highly efficient in credit management. It can not only manage risks, but also reveal risks, which is twice as effective as manual work. The application of similar blockchain technology is also very good for helping local poverty alleviation."

Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Tencent, said that in the future, the outlet of "Internet +" may lie in cross-border integration. In the past, production, distribution and retail links were separated. Now, with the help of information technology, they can be connected in series to promote background manufacturers to move forward. He also said that Tencent would provide an interface and the most complete toolbox for all walks of life to enter the digital industry

Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Tencent, said: "in the past, it may have been 'you fly in the sky, I run on the ground'. In the future, it should be 'you make me, I make you'. The organic combination of traditional economy, real economy and Internet economy is the real future of China's economy."

various regions have laid out digital economy.

Ma Huateng said that the concepts of "digital economy" and "interconnection +" come down in one continuous line and go to a higher level. "Interconnection +" emphasizes connection, while "digital economy" emphasizes output and benefit after connection

the report of China's "Internet +" digital economy index shows that in 2017, the volume of China's digital economy increased by 17% over the previous year, reaching 26.7 trillion yuan, accounting for 32.28% of GDP

early market cultivation of new materials

with the strong rise of the digital economy, more and more production factors and economic growth points are being explored, entrepreneurial enterprises, venture capital and entrepreneurial platforms are growing explosively, and entrepreneurial groups are expanding rapidly

at the same time, with a view to the huge potential and bright prospects of the digital economy, all localities have begun to plan for the development of the digital economy. Chenjinshan, director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that Chongqing is striving to build an important national intelligent industry base and a national first-class big data intelligent application demonstration city, and build a "digital economy" leading demonstration area. It is expected that the scale of digital economy will reach 750billion yuan by 2020

as a late developing region, Guizhou has focused on the development of large data industry in recent years and achieved fruitful results. As a national big data comprehensive experimental zone, Guizhou will carry out the "integration of ten thousand enterprises" action around intelligent upgrading. According to the work report of the Guizhou provincial government in 2018, which needs to invest a large amount of capital, Guizhou will strive to achieve an average annual growth of more than 20% in the digital economy in the next five years

nowadays, looking around the country, implementing innovative development driven by digital economy is becoming the active choice of local governments

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