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Internet: from consumption leading to industrial penetration

Abstract: in the past five years, an important feature of China's Internet development is the rapid penetration of Internet from the consumption field to the industrial field, which has become a new path for China's economic transformation and upgrading

from 2012 to 2017, the rapid development of China's Internet and its great impact on economic development are known as the "epic five years". China Internet has made unprecedented achievements in various economic fields from network infrastructure, Internet development environment, Internet enterprises to "Internet +". In particular, the extensive penetration of Internet from the consumption field to the industrial field has pushed and triggered major changes in the economy in various fields

since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has been a truly connected country. Since then, China has successively implemented the strategies of broadband China, innovation driven, and "Internet +" and issued 4gtd-lte network licenses and 4gfdd-lte network licenses. In 2017, it issued policies to promote the construction of Nb IOT networks. The upgrading of network infrastructure has been accelerated, broadband popularization, acceleration and fee reduction have been vigorously promoted, and the construction of interconnection related infrastructure has been rapidly promoted

by the end of 2016, the total length of China's optical cable lines reached 30.41 million kilometers, and the number of Internet broadband access ports reached 690million. In terms of export bandwidth, at the end of 2016, China's export bandwidth reached Mbps, an increase of 377.88% compared with Mbps at the end of 2011. Meanwhile, the total number of mobile communication base stations in China reached 5.59 million in 2016. The total number of 4gs reached 2.63 million, and the mobile network coverage and service capacity continued to improve

the scale of China Internet data center is increasing rapidly. At present, the proportion of China's super large data centers (more than 10000 servers) has accounted for 23% of the total, and will rise to 27% in 2020. A very large-scale data center with 200000 servers has emerged, and it is expected that the scale of a single data center will reach 500000 in 2020. China has become the world's second largest data center owner after the United States

corresponding to the promotion and improvement of infrastructure construction, China has also achieved rapid improvement in the scale of people, the scale of people and the Internet penetration rate. By the end of December 2016, China's national size had reached 731million, equivalent to the total population of Europe, of which 695million people, accounting for 95.1% of the total; The Internet penetration rate reached 53.2%, 3.1 percentage points higher than the global average and 7.6 percentage points higher than the Asian average. In general, China has become a truly interconnected country in terms of infrastructure and network services

Chinese Internet enterprises compete with European and American enterprises

in the past five years, with the rapid development of China's mobile Internet, the competitiveness of Chinese Internet enterprises has been continuously improved, and they are moving from China to the world and expanding their market layout business in the world

according to the public data, by the end of December 2016, the number of domestic and foreign listed Internet enterprises in China had reached 91, with a total market value of 5.4 trillion yuan, of which the number of enterprises listed in the United States and the total market value were the highest, accounting for 46.0% and 55.7% respectively; The number of listed Internet enterprises in Hong Kong accounted for 11% and the market value accounted for 29.7%. As the leading enterprises of China Internet, Alibaba and Tencent have a total market value of more than 3trillion yuan, accounting for 57% of the total market value of China's listed Internet enterprises. At the same time, China accounted for four of the top ten global Internet companies by market value in 2016. Chinese Internet companies have competed with Internet companies from developed countries in Europe and the United States on a global scale

with the rapid development of China's Internet, new models and formats of Internet, such as e-commerce, o2o and sharing economy, emerge one after another. In the field of e-commerce, there are not only comprehensive super platforms such as Taobao, tmall and, but also vertical platforms in various sub sectors, making China's Internet industry not only an important engine for new economic development, but also an important support for China to catch up and surpass in the era of digital economy

the rapid development of China's Internet has created one "world miracle after another" and staged "speed and passion". The sales volume of "double 11" in 2016 was 120.7 billion yuan. China's e-commerce transaction volume increased from 7.89 trillion yuan in 2012 to 22.97 trillion yuan by the end of 2016. Mobile payment modes such as payment and Alipay payment have been rapidly popularized and applied, accelerating China's move towards a cashless society. In 2016, shared bicycles began to appear one after another. By May this year, the data showed that more than 10million bicycles had been put in the country, and more than 100million people had rented bicycles through the Internet

Internet penetration from the consumption field to the industrial field

in the past five years, an important feature of China's Internet development is the rapid penetration of Internet from the consumption field to the industrial field, which has become a new path for China's economic transformation and upgrading. Internet is a new tool for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. It is known as the "new engine" for improving the quality, efficiency and upgrading of China's economy. Internet has entered the industry from consumption, opening a new chapter in China's economic transformation

in the field of Internet + government services, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have continued to promote the reform of streamlining administration, delegating power, combining decentralization with management, and optimizing services. They have actively developed "Internet +" government affairs, implemented "one number, one window, one" services, continuously optimized service processes, innovated service methods, promoted data sharing, opened up information islands, and innovated supervision and service models, enabling enterprises and the masses to run errands less, do things better, and do not add congestion. Macro-control Social management, public services, market supervision and other governance capabilities have been continuously enhanced, the business environment has been significantly improved, the vitality of entrepreneurship and innovation has been vigorously stimulated, the rule of law has been further promoted, institutional transaction costs have been continuously reduced, and the national governance capacity and level have been comprehensively improved. So far, there are 84000 government stations open to the public in China. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, nearly 300 cities conducted smart city pilot projects

in the field of interconnection + manufacturing, on may20,2016, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), deployed to deepen the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection, coordinated the "made in China 2025" and "interconnection +" actions, and accelerated the construction of a manufacturing power

by the end of June 2017, Chinese manufacturing enterprises had been shut down: when the injection cycle was interrupted, the mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform for dry enterprises had reached 60%. Focusing on implementing the innovation driven development strategy, stimulating innovation vitality and improving the innovation system, the Ministry of industry and information technology supported China shipbuilding industry, Inspur, Fiberhome technology and other enterprises to build an industry-oriented "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform for large manufacturing enterprises by relying on the 2016 industrial transformation and upgrading project, and promoted manufacturing enterprises to explore new R & D, production, management and service modes through the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform, so as to inject strong impetus into the innovation and Entrepreneurship of large enterprises. At present, the number of registered users of aerospace cloud has exceeded 610000, and 126 large-scale high-end industrial software, more than 3000 equipment and facilities, tens of thousands of technical standards, intellectual property rights, expert databases and other resources have been opened. Haier's "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform has gathered hundreds of millions of users' resources and 2.8 million design resources that can effectively eliminate the impact of friction between cylinder pistons on experimental results, providing innovative design services for nearly 100 companies

in the field of Internet + finance, China's Internet finance has grown into the largest and largest financial entity in the world. From 2013 to 2017, in a short period of four years, Internet finance has created various forms of financial business, such as loan, network financing, crowdfunding, network payment, etc. In terms of scale, there are 19000 Internet Financial platforms, 530million active users, and a total transaction volume of 70trillion yuan. Internet companies represented by internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and have triggered explosive growth in China's Internet finance

in the aspect of interconnection + medical treatment, interconnection + medical treatment redistributes medical resources such as doctors, patients, examinations, wards, pharmacies, nursing and rehabilitation at all levels throughout the country in a more efficient way. In the guiding opinions of the State Council on actively promoting the "interconnection +" action, specific development goals and requirements are put forward for the medical and health field. As of december2016, the number of internet medical users in China had reached 195million, accounting for 26.6% of the population, with an annual growth rate of 28%. Among them, the utilization rate of medical information query and appointment registration users is the highest, reaching 10.8% and 10.4% respectively; The second is consultation and consultation, purchase of drugs/medical devices/health products, and sports and fitness management, accounting for about 6% of the people

the implementation of the "Internet +" national strategy has made Internet thinking the strongest voice of China's thinking and concept innovation at present. It has profoundly changed the public's understanding of the factors that affect innovation and entrepreneurship, such as resource endowment, privileged resources, regional advantages and class solidification. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation are starting a prairie fire in every industry and promoting China's economy to a new level

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