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Internet helps enterprises develop in an all-round way, and electrical marketing elites join hands with Jubang group

on October 19, 2018, organized by the leading power and electrical B2B platform in China, more than 30 resource and capable power tiger marketing partners from all over the country were invited to join the well-known electrical equipment manufacturer Jubang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jubang group) Electronic universal experimental machine: this kind of experimental machine is used in a large amount

Mr. zhangxiaofang, President of Jubang group, Mr. yushengcai, vice president and general manager of the marketing center, Mr. hemingxin, vice president and general manager of the manufacturing center, Mr. Jucheng, deputy general manager of the manufacturing center, Mr. zhangkaicheng, deputy general manager of the marketing center and other leaders warmly received the guests and their delegation

introduction to the activity of electric tiger marketing partners entering the manufacturer

electric tiger is currently recognized as the most influential and largest Internet platform in the electrical industry. It has more than 200000 long-term cooperative industrial marketing personnel data resources all over the country, and more than 5billion yuan of orders are matched through the electric tiger platform every year. Every year, electric tiger organizes many marketing partners to go into electrical manufacturers to connect with marketing agents with resources for manufacturers, help them develop marketing channels and expand service networks, and help marketing personnel obtain product agency policies of major enterprises and obtain more business

Mr. yushengcai, vice president and general manager of the marketing center of Jubang group, introduced in detail the development history, products and marketing policies of Jubang group in the past 25 years to the guests:

Jubang group is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of electric power and energy. After 25 years of development, Jubang group has formed a group enterprise whose industry covers a series of products such as electrical components, power transformers, complete sets of electricity, distribution automation, etc., providing intelligent electrical system solutions for electricity, new energy, construction, communication, infrastructure and other industries, and is committed to becoming a "global leading power and energy electrical development and operator"

in order to maintain the continuous innovation of product technology, Jubang group devotes 4.5% of its sales to R & D every year and actively builds a strong R & D team. It has built a number of R & D centers such as provincial high-tech enterprise research and Development Center for intelligent appliances, provincial industrial design center, provincial postdoctoral workstation, and has cooperated with North China Electric Power University, Northeast Electric Power University, Zhejiang University of science and technology Shenyang Transformer Research Institute and other scientific research institutes have established long-term scientific research cooperation, owned 50 invention patents and utility model patents, and participated in the drafting and compilation of more than 10 national industry standards; Among them, the key technology project of the developed power supply automatic conversion and protection system won the second prize of the scientific and technological progress award of the China Federation of industry and commerce

in order to improve the production efficiency and ensure the production quality of the enterprise, how should the enterprise choose the appropriate electronic change experimental machine to do the experiment? The clutch shall select the electronic change experimental machine suitable for the specification and model according to the tested model and develop orderly. Jumbo group introduced the effective on-site management concept and method of modern factory 6S on-site management earlier, and as a system that the enterprise has adhered to for a long time, so as to ensure that the working environment of jumbo people is clean and orderly, the production efficiency is gradually improved, and the product quality is more reliable

because of the continuous investment in product research and development, technological innovation and the continuous improvement of management mode, the product quality produced by Jubang group is highly recognized by more and more customers. In the field of power system, Jubang group has won the bid frequently in national power, Nanfang power, local power, county and municipal power companies and public government projects, especially in the advantageous products such as low-voltage electrical appliances, switching posts, ring cabinets, column circuit breakers, etc. Jubang group's bid winning performance covers 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide, with a coverage rate of more than 87%. The cumulative bid winning amount exceeds 1billion yuan, and the number and amount of bid winning packages are rising steadily every year

the application of Jubang products can be seen not only in major engineering projects in the field of electricity, but also in various honorary awards in the industry. In the field of industrial and civil construction, Jubang group has actively increased the market expansion in the subdivided fields, established a professional sales and service team, joined in the technical investment and upgraded the production equipment, and made efforts to meet the needs of the middle and high-end customer groups. It has reached strategic cooperation with a number of top 100 domestic real estate enterprises to provide them with stable and reliable products and systematic solutions

in addition to its outstanding achievements in China, Jubang group has also made great achievements in overseas markets. In recent years, Jubang group has made great efforts to strengthen its foreign trade team. It must pay attention to the construction, take the "the Belt and Road" as one of its international development strategies, and unswervingly explore foreign markets. By actively participating in the most influential overseas exhibitions and developing new products and marketing models suitable for the international market, Jubang group's products have been successfully sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, and the export volume is increasing year by year

the above achievements can not be achieved without the efforts of the strong marketing team of Jubang group. Jubang group attaches great importance to the construction of the sales team. The leaders are with the team and participate in professional knowledge training, outdoor development, team morning exercise, overseas investigation and other activities every year to strengthen the construction of the team status, improve the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the team goals, and build a wolf like sales team

in the Internet + era, Jubang group is actively transforming and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and Internet + to constantly innovate marketing concepts, actively establish an information network management system and cooperate with many resource integration platforms to enhance brand influence. In the future, Jubang group will continue to strengthen the integration of resources such as brand strategy, talent elements, technological innovation and marketing channels, maintain the sustainable development of core business, enhance the coordinated development of the three business segments of primary equipment, secondary equipment and capital operation, improve the competitive advantage of the industrial chain, and strive to build Jubang into a global leading power and energy electrical development and operator

Mr. zhangkaicheng, deputy general manager of the marketing center of Jubang group, introduced the distribution automation secondary equipment of Jubang group:

driven by the national policy of vigorously supporting and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of distribution automation, distribution related equipment manufacturing enterprises will usher in historic development opportunities. Zhejiang Areva Distribution Automation Co., Ltd. was born under this background. After years of development, It has become a leading supplier of intelligent power distribution system solutions in China

the main products have more accurate data: station and substation terminal (DTU), feeder terminal (FTU), fault indicator, microcomputer protection device, etc. the products serve the State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Corporation, local power companies, etc

after learning about the overall situation of Jubang group, Mr. zhangxiaofang, President of Jubang group, delivered a speech and presided over the discussion: discussing how traditional enterprises can take advantage of the situation to develop and how Jubang group can achieve win-win results with its partners in the Internet era. Finally, he shared the 12 word motto of Jubang group in the process of operation and development: building walls high, accumulating grain widely, becoming king slowly and trusting in all directions

more than 30 marketing partners visited the production workshops of low-voltage, high-voltage, complete sets of equipment and transformer products under the leadership and introduction of many leaders of Jubang group

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