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Since the beginning of the year, the price war provoked by Internet home decoration companies has infuriated some traditional home decoration enterprises. They believe that these Internet home decoration companies have not really achieved zero added items and short work period in the strict sense, but have guided consumers' attention to price. However, the real weakness of home decoration is obviously efficiency and service. On the other hand, some Internet home improvement companies believe that traditional home improvement enterprises are "beneficiaries of vested interests during the period of savage growth of the industry". They are making home improvement transparent with practical actions and eliminating the gray area of home improvement by redistributing enterprise interests

[traditional enterprises]

Internet home decoration has been excessively deified

"Internet home decoration has been excessively mythologized, which has led to a deviation in the direction of this industry." Wanglinpeng, the chairman and President of the incredibly home, believes that among the numerous consumption of clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc., home decoration is the most complex and highly personalized consumption. In his opinion, the biggest problem in the home decoration industry is low logistics efficiency and poor service experience

"the scattered home decoration products supplied to miss Ying Ying and miss Chai Zhangfan are the main reasons why the workers are in the state of unsaturated construction, resulting in the delay of construction period, the rise of management costs of home decoration companies and the owners paying higher energy costs." Wanglinpeng believes that home decoration companies should focus on improving efficiency and services, rather than competing with internet home decoration companies for low prices, regardless of cost and quality

Chenhui, chairman of Dongyirisheng Decoration Group, believes that Internet home decoration is a false proposition. "The essence of home decoration is home decoration, not interconnection. Because you work, you design, product and management. In Chen Hui's view, interconnection means building the ability to expand customers."

"I admit that Internet can become a means to subvert traditional industries. But I don't see where the current so-called subversion of Internet home decoration is." Wangxian, chairman of Longfa decoration, said, "it is obviously the work of a traditional decoration company."

according to Cai Ming, CEO of Boloni, the price quoted per square meter is Internet home decoration. "The so-called Internet home decoration is divided into two categories. One is to use the Internet for marketing, and the other is to change the species and make a different form than before."

"Internet +" or "+ Internet"

"the home decoration industry is an engineering service industry, or an industry with low frequency and high value. However, the Internet industry is a high frequency and low value industry, such as didi taxi and Yidai driving, which are easy to obtain satisfaction." Zhang Jun, chairman of Yezhifeng decoration, said, "while doing things in a down-to-earth manner, we will electronize our company's business, including customer collection ability, new media communication ability, big data operation ability, etc."

how do traditional companies adapt to the Internet environment? "Be progressive, not disruptive." Sunwei said that the future of the industry is integration. Traditional companies go up from offline and Internet companies go down from online. "There is no direct conflict between tradition and Internet, because the home decoration market is large enough." He predicted that in the next one to two years, there would be a real "exchange of fire"

Chenhui, chairman of Dongyirisheng Decoration Group, said that there is no doubt that we are all in an Internet era. But home decoration is not an easy thing to solve with the Internet, because it is too complex, too scattered, and the chain is too long. "First of all, we should build an information system to solve the problems of supply chain and logistics and replace manual connection." He believes that for traditional home decoration brands, it is not to do Internet home decoration, but to transform to Internet

LIUCHEN, executive vice president and Secretary General of Beijing household industry association, pointed out that Internet is more suitable for some small and highly standardized fast-moving consumer goods, while it will encounter great rejection when grafting such slow-moving consumer goods as home decoration, which are complex, sophisticated and need in-depth experience. In this case, how to grasp? It is very important to use interconnection tools and adopt direct cooperation, but it is not appropriate to make interconnection fully compatible. Interconnection is not omnipotent

not practicing internal skills o2o is empty talk

Wang Linpeng, chairman and President of the incredibly home, believes that no matter what model, online or offline, it will be a flash in the pan if we do not fundamentally improve the experience of consumers and improve the efficiency of offline services

daijiangping, chairman of the board of directors of decoration at present, believes that Internet is the general trend. To do what traditional home decoration should do with internet thinking, we should first use Internet thinking to manage enterprises, operate large and segmented industrial chains, and make ourselves bigger, better and stronger. Ultimately, what we need to move towards is a world where strong forces work together, brands support each other, and strengths complement each other. "

Liu Chen, executive vice president and Secretary General of Beijing home furnishing industry association, pointed out that the home furnishing company seems to be a simple circulation service provider, but in fact, it needs to do a lot of complicated work. "As a consumer, cheap is useless, expensive is not impossible." He pointed out that it is not simply that the lower the price, the better. Home decoration is a large amount of slow-moving consumer goods. Therefore, consumers and home decoration companies should attach great importance to its long life, strong aging ability, good value preservation and not easy out of season

"the cost of the whole society is rising on the whole. What enterprises need to think about is to improve the added value of the brand on the basis of reasonably controlling the cost, rather than blindly research and cut it down." Liu Chen said

[Internet home decoration]

Internet is opposite to the traditional development path

why are tradition and Internet often placed in opposite positions? Mr. Cai, the person in charge of an investment company, told us that the development path of the two companies is just the opposite. "The traditional business model is to do a good job first, and then rely on capital accumulation to increase market share. However, Internet enterprises often expand rapidly once they open up and rely on the existing industrial foundation, striving to become an industry oligarch."

for the relationship between each round of capital and start-ups, The investor uses the analogy of blowing balloons: "an entrepreneur has an idea. Angel investors pay to buy him a balloon, and the entrepreneur starts blowing balloons with his mouth. When the balloon first appears, round a investors pay to buy an air pump for the entrepreneur, and the balloon grows faster. Then round B investors pay to buy an air pump for the entrepreneur, and the balloon grows faster. And so on." Mr. Cai pointed out that in this process, both enterprises and investors will face the risk of sudden balloon explosion. Therefore, while developing rapidly, enterprises must constantly improve themselves. As the saying goes, "angels look at stories, a round looks at products, and B round looks at data."

"there are two types of Internet enterprises. One is to burn money for scale, and the other is not profitable for strategic reasons." Gao Liang, CEO of Yuezhuang, believes that home decoration belongs to a low-frequency and high single value industry, and it is of little significance to adopt the pure money burning mode. At present, most Internet home decoration enterprises have chosen the latter, giving up the rich vested interests in the traditional mode, and competing for the market by reducing the cost of consumers

no model can solve all the pain points

"from pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, the pain points in the home decoration industry are many and scattered. However, at present, there is no model that can solve all the pain points at one time." Jiang Tao, CEO of Youjia meizhuang, believes that there is no breakthrough in the home decoration industry

at present, most Internet home decoration companies will choose a point to make a breakthrough. "For platform based Internet companies, the advantage is that they are easy to form scale, but because of the lack of direct contact with users, the sense of experience is not dominant." Supervision is the breakthrough that Jiang Tao chose. In Youzhuang Meijia, this role is called home decoration housekeeper. "Home decoration housekeeper is the platform's own employee, and it is a third party to the construction party and users, so it can be fair. At the same time, through frequent contact between housekeeper and users, it can enhance the sense of experience."

like Youzhuang Meijia, Yinglai also takes supervision as a breakthrough. However, its "Eagle Eye supervision" relies on a third-party supervision organization, and uses smart glasses and other dynamic capture devices. However, there are various spring testing machines in the market to sample the construction site in real time, and the system automatically identifies, analyzes, compares and makes differential analysis, providing auxiliary reference for construction acceptance, helping users understand the construction progress and find problems in time. In addition, cuizhiyang, CEO of Yinglai, also intends to make home decoration transparent by creating an "Internet decoration o2o e-commerce comprehensive service platform" app

Yuezhuang also aims at the "gray area" of the traditional home decoration industry. Gao Liang, the CEO of the company, once worked in a traditional home decoration company. According to him, most designers and home decoration companies share accounts at 3:7. In the construction process, if the home decoration company collects construction funds at 299 yuan per square meter, after deducting points and auxiliary materials, there may be only 120 yuan left in the hands of the foreman. However, in Yuezhuang, the designer and the platform are divided by 9:1. The construction fund of 299 yuan per square meter is 235 yuan in the hands of the foreman. For high-quality projects, with the increasing impact of LFG on the energy industry, the platform will also give additional rewards. So as to stimulate the sense of designer and foreman

the profits of Internet home decoration are not at present

since Internet home decoration companies have given up their current profits, what will they rely on to make profits in the future? The interview found that finance and big data are their next starting points

Jiang Tao, CEO of Youzhuang Meijia, who used to work in Amazon and Suning Tesco, told us that technology is the most favorable tool for Internet home decoration companies. Taking early customer collection as an example, through the self built tracking system, users who help enterprises spread word-of-mouth can enjoy real rebates; By using the intelligent hardware presented to users, the platform will continue to keep in touch with users after the decoration is completed. By collecting users' operation data on intelligent hardware, the platform can analyze users' needs and push value-added services for them

of course, these are the later words. Collecting enough data is the premise of data mining. At present, Yuezhuang, Youzhuang Meijia, love space and other connected home decoration companies have aimed at "finance" at almost the same time

"although there are consumer financial products of home decoration in the market, the rates and payment methods are not targeted." Jiang Tao said that they are in contact with Bank of Beijing, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, JD finance and other institutions, hoping to customize a competitive financial product according to the characteristics of the home decoration industry. The high single value characteristics of the home decoration industry can help Internet home decoration companies quickly gather funds, which may become a profit growth point for enterprises

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