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When the era of "Internet +" is coming, China railway construction heavy industry seizes the opportunity

when the era of "Internet +" is coming, China railway construction heavy industry seizes the opportunity

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, In the process of + interconnection - interconnection + era transformation, how enterprises should use interconnection thinking to carry out intelligent manufacturing, so as to achieve leapfrog development

in the process of + Internet - Internet + era transformation, the game rules of which traditional industry is associated with Internet may be rewritten, and this rewriting is revolutionary. As a high-end equipment enterprise, CRCC heavy industries should focus on the main development strategy, take full advantage of the significant progress made in information technology and information system, seize the major opportunities brought by the world's more powerful and revolutionary technology innovation of modified peek, actively give full play to its late development advantages, and formulate an information strategy in response to the major needs of enterprises to achieve product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation, The informatization supporting project of China railway construction heavy industry was implemented to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization of Rockwell hardness scale

liufeixiang, chairman of CRCC heavy industries, said that the Internet + era has come. At this time, CRCC heavy industries' intelligent manufacturing is particularly important. The journey is long. To become a leader on this road, we must break the "information island" and "business island", promote horizontal and vertical business collaboration, and build a business integration system, Vigorously promote the coordinated development of informatization, knowledge, service, globalization and greening, support the improvement of enterprise product innovation ability, advanced manufacturing ability, management innovation ability and service innovation ability with informatization, promote the global coordination of industrial value chain, and promote the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing

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