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International titanium dioxide giant announces price increase

the international titanium dioxide giant announced a price increase

on December 28, 2017, the code was transmitted to the target chip by downloading the cable ("programming in the system")

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on December 26, Ishihara, Japan announced that from January 1, 2018, The price of titanium dioxide in the Asia Pacific region has been raised by US $200/ton (equivalent to RMB 1308. the municipal ceramic aluminum new materials phase I Industrial Park has a production capacity of 500000 ceramic aluminum high-performance pistons, 260000 sets of automobile lightweight parts and 5000 tons of ceramic aluminum new materials. The 5AC foaming agent is 0.3~0.5 yuan/ton, and the exchange rate between the US dollar and the RMB is 1 US dollar =6.54 yuan)

Ishihara's price increase letter

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Ishihara was founded in 1802. It is a listed company in Osaka, Japan, which sometimes adopts non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloy to reduce weight. Up to now, it operates in 70 countries around the world, with more than 79000 employees. It mainly produces and operates pesticides, pharmaceuticals, titanium dioxide, photocatalysts and other products. Its pesticide business ranks first in Japan, 13 in the world. Ishihara Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the largest titanium dioxide manufacturers in Asia. The company has two manufacturing methods: sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. It has production bases in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, China. The titanium dioxide produced is widely used in coatings, plastics, inks and other fields

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