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Snack bar is a shop that specializes in snacks. Most of the streets and tourist attractions with strong flow of people are opened, such as Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Ximen town in Taipei, Wangfujing snack street in Beijing, etc

the cost control of the snack bar refers to the strict supervision and control of the cost of catering products according to the cost standards stipulated by the snack bar, the timely discovery of unnecessary expenses and the adoption of measures to correct them, so as to control the actual operating cost of the snack bar within the scope of the plan. The following editor will introduce the decoration quotation of the snack bar and how to decorate the snack bar. Attention to those who are interested in opening the snack bar

how to decorate the snack bar

first, the design of the storefront must conform to the industry characteristics of the snack bar, which can make it clear from the appearance and style, and highlight its business characteristics

second, it should conform to the aesthetic taste of the main target object

third, the decoration of the store should be coordinated with the original architectural style and the surrounding stores. You know, it's important to have characteristics, but you can't make consumers feel different

fourth, be concise and don't be cumbersome. Too much line segmentation and color rendering should not be used in store decoration to avoid visual fatigue of customers. The color of the storefront should be unified and harmonious, and it is not suitable to use any harsh and strong contrast

fifth, the size of the font on the signboard should be appropriate. Too large a meeting will make the signboard appear too crowded and destroy the overall layout. The name of the store can be highlighted through the underlay color

quotation for decoration of snack bar

modeling door — The unit price of 7.36 square meters is about 2060 yuan for formwork fabrication

partition — 3. The unit price of 24 square meters is about 150 yuan for woodworking board production

back wall — The unit price of 19 square meters is about 120 yuan, and the wood base decorative panel

front desk — The unit price of 5.50M is about 1200 yuan. The wood density board base is pasted with high gloss board, and the table top is made of stainless steel with steel strip

molding board — 4. The unit price of 20 square meters is about 400 yuan. The wood density board base is pasted with high gloss board

hot bending glass — The unit price of 2.20 meters is about 750 yuan for external processing and installation

hanging cabinet — The unit price of 2.00 square meters is about 680 yuan. The wood density board base is pasted with high gloss board

safety glass — The unit price of 6.00 square meters is about 280 yuan artistic glass

the unit price of water circuit is about 4000 yuan

the unit price of one labor for the installation of advertising words is about 300 yuan labor

the unit price of wooden table 20 is about 500 yuan of artificial wood

the unit price of wooden stool 20 is about 1500 yuan. It is made of artificial wood

precautions for decoration of snack bars

first of all, enrich your decoration knowledge. It is often said that someone was caught in the trap designed by the decoration company in the decoration process. To prevent himself from being cheated, he must first enrich his decoration knowledge. Only by arming ourselves with knowledge can we take the initiative in the various risks that decoration may face and minimize the possibility of problems. Secondly, we should choose a good supervision company. It is better for the supervisor to intervene before looking for the decoration company, so as to better monitor the whole decoration process

then it's time to decorate. Before decoration, you should know the decoration style of the snack bar, the decoration materials used, the selection and approximate placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget. Xiaobian reminded that it should not be all based on temporary likes and dislikes, and there is no overall consideration for the form and decoration of household appliances and room decoration. This often leads to the problems of inconsistent decoration style, unreasonable space utilization and repeated disassembly

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the consultation. Please look forward to more wonderful consultation




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