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Nowadays, kitchen and bathroom appliances have become the second largest category of appliances. In the face of many kitchen and bathroom appliance brands in the market, the third-party industry big data center, together with China's kitchen and bathroom industry platform, kitchen and bathroom hot information, bathroom industry platform The 2016 (fourth) online voting activity for the top ten kitchen and bathroom appliance brands jointly organized by the China kitchen and bathroom industry platform network was officially launched on October 6, aiming at selecting some reliable big brands in the current market, aiming to create a leading brand in the kitchen and bathroom appliance industry with higher standards and strict requirements, and to let consumers have the right to participate in the commodities and brands they know, Choose the excellent brand in your mind

the brand influence of a kitchen and bathroom appliance industry is carefully built in many aspects, such as product upgrading, social responsibility, customer accumulation, brand culture, high-quality service quality, etc. The kitchen and bathroom appliance brands selected this time include Fangtai, boss, SHUAIKANG, vatti, Cohen and other Chinese kitchen and bathroom appliance industry brands with the most brand influence voted by netizens. Through database intelligent analysis system, data port voting collection, local field research data, Dr manual collection data, Dr consumer Reputation Research Report, annual market activity and quality praise of market survey brands, as well as kitchen appliance brand negative evaluation index The total amount of data is obtained from the breakdown comprehensive value of brand kitchen appliances (top ten kitchen and bathroom appliances brands in 2016). It reflects the product quality, popularity and comprehensive strength of the brand

this year is a year of subversion in the history of China's kitchen and bathroom industry, a year of overall development of China's kitchen and bathroom industry, and a year of policy reshuffle and elimination of small brands. It can be said that every vote is a medal of public praise, which can reflect the recognition of the brand in the hearts of consumers. Who is the front runner in the kitchen and bathroom appliance industry? Who will win the hearts of the people? Who are the top ten brands of kitchen and bathroom appliances? The list was officially announced on October 16, 2016





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