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With the rapid development of market economy, home furnishings are also gradually moving towards modernization, and people have higher and higher requirements for. Nowadays, many families will use decoration deodorant

harmful gases such as formaldehyde will inevitably exist in newly decorated houses, which will pose a great threat to people's health. Decoration deodorizer is a good choice. So, which brand of deodorant should we choose? Now let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it

is decoration deodorant useful?

decoration deodorant is a common product to remove formaldehyde and other odors in the building materials market. It is a chemical product that decomposes and removes formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful substances produced in the process of house decoration; As the form is powder, it needs to be mixed with water to form a light yellow liquid before use. Generally, 1&mdash is used according to the degree of decoration pollution and the characteristics of pollutants; Three times, once every other week. After the colored liquid fully reacts with the harmful substances in the air, the liquid clarification is the efficacy failure. In the process of use, people are generally advised not to use it indoors or in the daytime when going out, because it has a certain pungent smell. If people inhale it for a long time, it will stimulate the senses and give people an uncomfortable feeling. Its products are water and oxygen, which are harmless to human body, animals and plants, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment

what brand of decoration deodorant is good

I: anjuile deodorant

anjuile deodorant. The market price is about 200 yuan, which can eliminate harmful chemicals such as benzene, TVOC, ammonia and other decoration pollution. It can make decoration materials such as interior and exterior surfaces of furniture, painted surfaces, floors, walls, screens, ceilings, indoor spaces and other indoor decoration materials quickly absorb solutions, react with harmful chemicals such as benzene, TVOC, ammonia and other decoration pollution in these materials, and quickly decompose toxic molecules of decoration pollution, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating peculiar smell

II: dialin deodorant

1. Dialin is in contact with the pollution source to decompose the pollution source. As long as it can be sprayed, it can decompose wherever it comes into contact, and it can be treated from the root. The principle of dialin formaldehyde removal is simply: penetration, contact and decomposition. It will penetrate into the interior along the cracks or lines of plates or other materials, react with the internal free formaldehyde, and absorb and decompose it into other substances that are relatively stable and do not cause harm to the environment

2. Dialin is the extract of pure herbs, without any industrial essence, and no synthetic chemical components. The product itself is the flavor of herbs, without any harm to human body. Directly sprayed on furniture, floors, beds, sofas, walls, curtains and other pollution sources will not leave any traces, will not cause secondary pollution, and will not have any corrosive effect

3. For general pollution, the effect can be achieved after one week of use, and the formaldehyde removal rate can be as high as 96%. In the future, it does not need to be reused and will not rebound

4. Dialin is an ideal product to replace activated carbon and air purifier. It can quickly and effectively decompose formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other pollution and irritating odors produced by decoration, and achieve the effect of forest waterfall

III: dalike deodorizer

deodorizer is a pure natural plant extract, which does not contain any chemical substances. It is mainly made from a variety of natural plants with air purification function and the latest high-tech purification process. The product is used for decoration pollution control. It has a good removal effect on all kinds of odor left in the room after decoration and odor and smoke in the process of life. It can be used for spraying the surface of indoor walls, furniture, cabinets and other objects

decoration deodorants are generally non-toxic and pollution-free, so we can safely and boldly use them. Deodorant can prevent the air in the home from being polluted and the body from being injured, but you should also pay attention not to spray too much. Excessive spraying of deodorant will not only have the opposite effect, but also make wall decoration materials such as wallpaper suffer moisture deformation

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to our consultation. Please look forward to more wonderful consultation




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