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ONE of the consequences of yet another lockdown for many people, is – what on earth can you do with yourself day-after-day with not that much to do apart from obeying the current Covid-19 protocol? Naturally, I am not talking about those who are fully employed with what they have always done for a living – but, those who through no fault of their own are to be found at home staring listlessly out of the window seeking something to do with themselves. It could be that you are a furloughed worker, or a pensioner – but the question is always the same – how do you stimulate or entertain yourself within the current pandemic boundaries set by government? I know that immediately a small minority of readers will seek to irritate the rest of us by listing various activities we could all undertake to enhance our lives.

But sometimes, just sometimes – cake baking on an industrial scale and waving your arse and arms about in time to music just doesn’t ‘do it’ for some of us. I must confess that I was stuck in the UK for nine weeks at the height of the really tough lockdown most people had to suffer here on the island – and in comparison, what I had to suffer was a doddle compared to the limitations most local readers would have had to endure. Nevertheless, in talking to friends and acquaintances there is a sort of timeworn and jaded acceptance of what we are being asked to do as this second wave does its worst.

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If you will forgive me, I am writing this ‘Sunday Essay’ today for the thousands of us who are desperate to fill their days with anything vaguely interesting so as to sustain us until a certain amount of normality returns at the end of the month…we hope! Like truculent schoolchildren on a rainy Saturday, many of us complain that we are bored, and no amount of bright eyed good cheer will rid of us of that fact.

Before someone points out rather annoyingly that at least – “We have each other” this is also part of the problem, is it not? This is because, believe it or not, not everyone needs to be in the same close environment of even a loved one 24/7! As someone who is lucky enough to have a house and a garden to sulk about in – I am quite cognisant of the fact that a small apartment with a couple of frenzied kids is not ideal under any circumstances, but – after decades of unfettered freedom, a day with nothing much to do can be a real challenge.

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