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"Veleco" aerial work vehicle is ready for shipment to Vietnam

"veleco" aerial work vehicle is ready for shipment to Vietnam

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Guide: Vietnam is one of the countries that established cooperative relations with our company earlier. With perfect appearance design, high product quality and good service system, velleko aerial work vehicle has been favored by Vietnamese agents, and orders have been invited constantly. This month, five veleco aerial work vehicles went abroad again

Vietnam is one of the countries that established cooperative relations with our company, whose technical strength is also constantly improving. With perfect appearance design, high product quality and good service system, the "veleco" aerial work vehicle has been favored by Vietnamese agents, and orders have been invited constantly. This month, five "veleco" aerial work vehicles went abroad again and were sent to Vietnam. We know that good quality and service are the reason why customers choose "Wellek" again. Adhering to good quality and providing the most professional service is the constant pursuit of Pioneers

under the fierce competition in China's aerial work vehicle industry, Wellek (Shanghai) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. can stand out from the crowd. In addition to perfect after-sales service, the most important thing is the excellent product quality. Velleko's aerial work vehicle has the following technical features:

(1) a new full hydraulic self-propelled special chassis. The self-propelled aerial work lifting platform vehicle with completely independent intellectual property rights has successfully developed a fully hydraulic driven, self-propelled special chassis by using electromechanical hydraulic integration, reliability design, computer-aided design and other technologies, breaking through the previous restrictions that domestic aerial work lifting platform vehicles can only use automobile or crane chassis modification design

(2) driving with load and good operation stability. The chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theory and method, and reduces the center of gravity offset by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the upper platform

it adopts a unique large angle rear elevation hinge structure and reasonably sets a variety of counterweight modules to effectively balance the working torque. H-shaped variable cross-section composite box girder cutting frame and high load solid rubber tire are adopted, which increases the overall rigidity of the chassis, ensures the stability of the whole machine during driving and operation, and realizes the function of high-altitude operation lifting platform vehicle driving with load

(3) multifunctional and multipurpose operation device. Through the front bracket of the boom, the lifting device or manned platform can be quickly installed to realize the functions of material lifting, lifting and manned high-altitude operation. At the same time, it provides an interface for expanding the working device and the rapid switching of various working devices

(4) unique three-dimensional rotating lifting device. The designed three-dimensional rotating lifting device can not only automatically maintain the posture of the lifted material due to the influence of the binding of the support, but also realize the adjustment requirements of the lifted material at any height, position and direction in the space. The speed control is accurate and sensitive, and the micro motion performance is good, which meets the requirements of high-altitude operation and ventilation pipe installation in large caverns

Vietnam purchased a green and environmentally friendly self-propelled aerial work vehicle. Under the guidance of the national policy of vigorously promoting the development of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon environmental protection, velec (Shanghai) successively launched a series of environmentally friendly aerial work vehicles in the first half of 2011, including self-propelled aerial work platforms driven by AC. At present, in China, only velleco has the technology and strength to produce the board AC driven self-propelled aerial work platform used by hengsi Shanda Jinan experimental machine for experiments. Velleco is a Sino German joint venture. All technologies are imported German advanced technologies, which are absolutely superior to domestic aerial work vehicles. The drive system of this series of self-propelled aerial work platforms is completely AC driven, which has the characteristics of zero emission and low noise, and is suitable for use in indoor environment. At the same time, this series of products have the following advantages in technology:

first, AC drive makes the equipment have stronger driving ability and improves production efficiency

II. During the use of the equipment, the operation cost and maintenance cost are low, which saves more funds for users

III. AC drive adopts speed torque control, which greatly enhances the control ability and improves the sensitivity of control

in addition to Germany's advanced technology and high-quality products, there is another important factor that we can't ignore, the perfect after-sales service system, why velleco can take the lead in the Chinese market. First of all, the sales engineers of Wellek need to have a warm attitude and a high degree of heart, learn to empathize, understand the needs of customers at the first time and solve them as their own needs, and improve their business skills through regular technical training and business skill competitions. For customer service personnel, they are required to pay a return visit to the customer one week after the customer purchases the product to understand the customer's use. At the same time, customers who come for maintenance should also pay a return visit one by one

Wellek's sales engineers will also popularize relevant knowledge of how to buy a suitable aerial work vehicle to their customers. First, look at cost performance. To choose a high-altitude work vehicle with high cost performance, we should choose its technical parameters, practicality and versatility. Generally, there are many kinds of aluminum alloy lifting machinery, including vehicle mounted lifts, fixed lifts, hydraulic lifting platforms, scissor lifts, etc. each kind of technical parameters and uses will have their differences and similarities. As a user, the purchase must have a certain purpose, that is, what is the use of the aerial work vehicle you buy, which products can meet your requirements, and what kind of price you think is reasonable. The comprehensive consideration of these two is what we commonly call cost performance. Secondly, we should make on-the-spot investigations. When choosing aerial work vehicles, we should not choose them blindly. We should do sufficient market research and on-the-spot investigation to determine the size of the company and its reputation. This is very necessary. At present, many small-scale enterprises in the market cut corners in order to seek violence, which greatly reduces the quality of lifting products. Although they will sell very cheaply, this kind of machinery is not used for a long time, and the risk factor is large. The industrial range has increased six times compared with 2015. Therefore, as a buyer, he cannot covet a small price and cause greater regret. Finally, pay attention to check clearly after receiving the goods. Check whether the products received are the same as those promised by the company and whether the accessories are complete. For example, whether the attached accessories, tools and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged or defective, and make unpacking acceptance records

when energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection have become a moral force, more green machines appear in all fields of construction machinery. With people's increasingly mature concept of environmental protection, we believe that environmental protection equipment has great growth and market potential, and will become the inevitable trend of development in various fields in the future. (this article is from villeco)

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