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Purple laser CTP technology is expected to dominate the market

at present, the CTP field is still the coexistence of thermal sensitivity and purple laser technology. However, the development of violet laser CTP is more remarkable. More and more enterprises begin to invest in the research of this technology, because they believe that the future printing equipment market will be dominated by violet laser CTP technology

advantages of purple laser CTP technology

since the purple laser light source was officially introduced to the market in May 2000, the most advanced thermal light source in CTP equipment has been severely challenged. The advantages of this new light source have attracted many users


purple light source has higher imaging speed than other commonly used CTP light sources such as green light and red light. Using this feature, equipment manufacturers can increase the scanning speed to 55000 lines/min, while the scanning speed of infrared laser and green laser is 20000 lines/min and 37500 lines/min respectively

higher accuracy

using the previous light source can only show 200 DPI points on the photosensitive plate, while using purple laser can improve the accuracy to 250 DPI

longer service life

the maintenance period provided by the laser manufacturer for purple laser is the same as that of the previous green laser, which is 3000 hours. However, the operating characteristic of violet laser is that the laser only needs to be started when it is actually imaging, and the rest of the time will not lose the life of the laser, while other laser operation modes are to start the laser at the same time after the machine is turned on. Therefore, the actual life of violet laser is longer than that of other CTP laser sources

set off a research and development boom

purple laser CTP technology was first introduced by Fujifilm company of Japan at drupa 2000 exhibition. In the past four years, Agfa, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and other enterprises have invested in the development and production of violet laser CTP system and consumables. This technology is gradually maturing when the temperature drops below 4 ℃. At the same time, these enterprises have increased their investment in the Chinese market, which is the key place for major printing equipment merchants in the world

Fuhao's electromechanical and oil pump can reach the power Shi film company needed for the universal experimental machine experiment

in November 2004, Fujifilm Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Fujifilm Co., Ltd. and China Institute of Printing Science and technology, held press conferences in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing respectively. Koji Yokota, general manager of Fuji starlight, said that although Fuji starlight can provide thermal and purple laser CTP plates at present, purple laser will be the leading technology in the future

its latest Fujifilm starlight brilliant lp-nva violet laser photopolymerization CTP version has attracted much attention. So as to improve the quality of all systems. This plate is based on the purple laser photopolymerization CTP lp-nv developed by Fujifilm, and has been improved many times after extensive domestic market research. It has many advantages: by introducing Fujifilm's unique three-layer coating and multi-layer grit technology, it ensures that the high sensitivity and high precision of the plate can meet the needs of the newspaper industry and color commercial printing; With the purple laser CTP equipment operating environment, you can use the yellow safety light, which is more convenient to operate; Using ordinary ink, the printing power can reach 200000 prints, and the printing power can reach 1million prints after baking

Agfa company

in September 2004, Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. and Agfa signed a new year's strategic partnership agreement to jointly create the world's best purple laser CTP system solution for newspapers

60mw laser universal testing machine is an indispensable equipment in today's ordinary industry, and the cathode is becoming the first choice of violet laser CTP products. Agfa currently plans to use 60MW violet laser diodes on its Palladio and Galileo plate making machines. Galileo is a 4-page or 8-page internal drum system, which can be configured semi automatically or fully automatically. At high speed, it can output 22 plates (8 pages) per hour with a resolution of 2400 DPI. Palladio is a quarto (B2) lithographic plate making machine developed by Agfa. Its latest manual version installation model is targeted at low-end users. When the output resolution is 2400 DPI, 17 plates are output per hour

David Furman, senior marketing manager of CTP system of AGFA company, pointed out that with the continuous enhancement of laser energy and the continuous improvement of violet laser emulsion, violet laser technology will become the next development goal

we believe that with the efforts of many printing equipment manufacturers, every progress of violet laser CTP technology will accelerate its popularization in China

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