The hottest Virgin Mobile launched ZTE apple peel

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Virgin Mobile launched ZTE apple peel in the United States, priced at $99.99

recently, Virgin Mobile (Virgin (4) mechanical connector in mobile), the third largest mobile operator in the United States, launched ZTE apple peel product (ztepeel 3200), which brought a surprise to iPod and iPod touch users

this is a 3G hotspot device. Its shape is like a protective sleeve wrapped around the iPod touch, which is equivalent to a wireless router that is wrapped around the iPod touch and truly realizes the multi-purpose of one machine. It provides 3G data connection functions for the iPod touch, including VoIP network and upper functions, which are realized by connecting to the apple peel through WiFi. At the same time, it can also provide data connection functions for other devices

this device can seamlessly connect iPhone and iPod touch, and also provides a password protection software that can be customized. Users can use this device to connect with other WiFi devices. Its lightweight appearance and innovative design can make iPod touch slide easily into apple skin. At the same time, it supports iPod touch 2 and iPod touch 3 versions. This product also includes charger, headset and quick start guide

Virgin Mobile priced ZTE peel 3200 at $99.99, excluding contract restrictions. Users can pay $20 a month and get 500MB of data traffic. Users can make the surface of 2 experimental devices neat and dust-free, using sprint's 3G network throughout the country

Virgin Mobile is a relatively successful virtual network operator in the world. Sprint has invested 483million US dollars to wholly acquire Virgin Mobile (USA) in 2009. Virgin Mobile USA and sprint's Boost Mobile Department merged into the company's new prepaid business department. Both still carry out business with independent brands to provide services to different consumer groups. C114 China Communications

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