The hottest village in Xi'an is a 3-kilometer-long

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A 3-kilometer-long Village Road in Xi'an is equipped with thousands of street lights. Officials: villagers need more demolition fees

recently, a friend of Xi'an exposed a video taken from taojia village in Xi'an. In the video, thousands of street lights are installed on a 3-kilometer-long Village Road, and it is strange that these street lights are not lit at night

it is rare near room temperature. According to the video, the street lights on both sides of the road are dense, and anyone with common sense can see that this is quite strange. Even planting trees would not have such a large density

knowledgeable people can see the mystery at a glance, and friends have speculated that this must be related to demolition. This is nothing more than to obtain some demolition compensation - 8.5 food contact materials and end products should meet the above requirements in addition to compensation

sure enough, in response to this video, the person in charge of taojia village introduced the whole story. He said that at the beginning, street lights were installed for the convenience of travel in the village. Later, the villagers did not know where they heard that the street lamps could also get compensation, and some people began to install them one after another, so the villagers installed computer-based universal material testing machines and followed the trend to install street lamps on the production road in front of their own arable land. The cost of each street lamp was 1000 yuan. Xinhe Street office said that it had repeatedly publicized to the masses that the installed street lamps were not within the scope of compensation, but the masses did not understand and cooperate, and would clean up the street lamps that had not been removed within the time limit. Is this a loss, madam, and a soldier

in fact, in order to obtain more compensation during demolition, rural areas all over the country are racking their brains. Some build houses overnight, and some plant flowers and trees overnight. It is really the first time for such people to install street lamps

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