Experience the charm of movable type printing

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Experience the charm of movable type printing

release date: Source: Northwest information daily

recently, I learned from Xi'an Beilin that with the rise of modern science and technology in some specific fields, movable type printing has been gradually replaced. To commemorate this ancient skill, Beilin cultural innovation flagship store has recently built a unique movable type library and movable type printing experience area, bringing people back to the starting point of the innovation of text communication mode

Beilin cultural creation's products this time adopt relief technique, which can cooperate 30000 interchangeable loading units with the front of the aluminum block, carve reverse characters on the font with Chinese characters, let the experimenter choose, assemble them into complete sentences, and print them according to the printing method of the ancients. The on-site staff dipped the ink with tools, brushed it evenly on the movable type plate, carefully covered the white paper on the plate, and wiped it back and forth with a clean brush. After inking each word evenly, gently lift the paper up and print it

"the invention and use of movable type printing is actually a breakthrough revolution in the way of information transmission. It not only saves a lot of human and material resources and improves the speed and quality of printing, but also breaks the monopoly of information and promotes the exchange of knowledge, which has a great impact on the dissemination and development of the downstream utilization of micro spherical aluminum powder in the world civilization, which still has the potential to be continuously explored and developed." "Like other polyurethane materials, citizens can experience the charm of the traditional technique of movable type printing here and bring their own words home from 30000 movable types," said the person in charge of the operation of Beilin font library

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