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Virtual engineering, which needs to be developed urgently, human beings need to use various tools to enhance, extend and expand their ability to understand the world. Virtual engineering and science is such a tool. It is a method system for computer simulation of scientific phenomena, engineering or product functions, performance and operation behavior, such as controlled thermonuclear reaction, nuclear fusion, crustal movement, environmental pollution, dam break, vehicle or aircraft collision, etc

virtual engineering and science is a comprehensive, integrated, networked and intelligent information processing method, technology and product formed by the combination of rapidly developing computational mechanics, computational mathematics, computational physics, computational materials science and related computational engineering science with modern computer science and technology

The invention of electronic computer has greatly promoted the development of related discipline research and industry. Taking the computational mechanics of mechanics as an example, the methods of finite element, finite volume and finite difference, which were born and developed subsequently, enable the traditional and complicated mechanical problems to be numerically simulated and analyzed. More importantly, it solves a large number of engineering and scientific simulation problems. Therefore, new interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary disciplines have emerged, such as computer aided design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). The common feature of this new discipline branch is to establish calculation models and conduct computer simulation analysis against the background of engineering and scientific problems, which fully reflects the epoch-making characteristics of virtual engineering and science

foreign virtual engineering and scientific research have developed rapidly. In recent years, many countries have established engineering computer simulation and simulation societies and similar academic groups. Taking the finite element analysis software as an example, the internationally advanced large-scale general-purpose finite element calculation and analysis software has been commercialized, especially its nonlinear mechanics (geometry, materials, contact) analysis function, which is favored by many famous companies, enterprises, universities and research departments in the world, and is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, civil engineering, water conservancy, materials, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, automobile It has been widely used in electrical industry design and other fields. These software have entered the Chinese market. Although our application level is not backward, the catalyst currently used is too expensive, but in terms of software development level, we are still behind the country, and then align the swing head with the hole groove. In terms of the industrial application of virtual engineering technology, the western developed countries have implemented CAE simulation analysis as an insurmountable process specification in the product design and manufacturing process, while China's industrial enterprises are still in the preliminary recognition and simple application stage of CAE technology

virtual engineering and science are the needs of industry. After joining the WTO, China's products must be in line with international standards. The application of CAD, CAE and CAM technology is the best choice to adapt to the international competitive environment in many aspects, such as the bidding scheme that the industry can respond quickly, shortening the engineering design cycle, developing virtual models, optimizing product structure, saving experimental costs, and ensuring product quality. Take the automotive industry as an example, hundreds of design or CAE companies in the United States, Germany and Japan have achieved product development and sustainable development of the automotive industry as technical support. China's aerospace technology can reach the world's advanced level, and the main successful experience is the implementation of independent product design and development. Therefore, we must attach great importance to product design companies or CAE companies, which are the core technological innovation force of the manufacturing industry and need strong support and development. At the same time, we should study and develop advanced methods and technologies such as optimal design

virtual engineering and science are the needs of scientific and technological circles. Taking solid mechanics as an example, from the 1930s to 1940s, Timoshenko and Southwell can only solve a few simple practical problems, to today, they can solve a large number of complex nonlinear problems in engineering practice, and carry out macro, micro and micro cross-scale scientific research. In addition to the rapid development of computer technology, they also rely on powerful computer numerical simulation software. The history of half a century shows that not only the engineering application of mechanics needs calculation, but also the development of mechanics itself needs effective calculation technology and powerful calculation software. Not only do many large-scale engineering projects rely on software analysis and simulation to determine the implementation plan, but many high-level academic papers also declare that the horizontal tensile testing machine for insulator is used, which can be used to stretch longer samples such as various power fittings, drill pipes, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, and is widely used in metal products, building structures, ships, ordnance and other domain software. The ability and efficiency of these software to solve nonlinear problems (geometry, materials and contact) have reached a consensus in the international academic community. With the development of microelectronics technology, the current popular nanotechnology tends to its physical limit, nanotechnology will have a profound impact on human society. In order to grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges, we must control matter in nano and quantum scales, and establish scientific calculations with multi methods, multi-level, multi-scale, multi-material and multi field, and strength is the maximum stress point simulation of material fracture after stress

the development of virtual engineering and science requires the development of national software industry. The development of numerical analysis, simulation and optimization design software system with independent intellectual property rights is the key technology, which is very necessary and feasible. Although there are many foreign software, it can not comprehensively solve the problem of our national industry. Unlike CAD software, CAE software has a lot of room for the development of national software in terms of technical support, software price, localization and so on. The development of this CAE software requires the strong support of the government, market protection, and cooperation with industry. (end)

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