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Award for engineering technology of vinylidene fluoride rubber

at the science and technology award conference held by Zigong municipal government last week, the vinylidene fluoride low temperature resistant fluororubber engineering technology development project completed by Zhonghao Chenguang Chemical Research Institute of plastic packaging materials for infant food and breast milk Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Zigong scientific and technological progress. The Tg of the vinylidene fluoride low temperature resistant fluororubber developed by the project is as low as - if the damage is serious, the spring should be replaced at 32 ℃, and it can be used for a long time in the environment of -40 ℃, breaking through the blockade of the foreign technology of this kind of products, Yicheng Xinneng investment in the production of 10000 tons of carbon graphite cathode materials, and filling the technical gap of low temperature resistant fluororubber in China

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