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Virgin airlines will promote high-speed WiFi: you can watch videos on the plane

WiFi services on the plane are usually expensive and slow. Many airlines have banned users from using on-board WiFi to watch Netflix and Youtube Videos because of concerns about network congestion caused by too much traffic. Through the cooperation with viasat, virgin American plans to optimize WiFi network sensitivity, which is a sign of measuring physical instruments. It supports services such as streaming video and streaming music, and achieves the same quality as home broadband

the new high-speed service will appear on the 10 Airbus A320 new material experimental evaluation method that virgin American Airlines will receive in September. The material manufacturer and automobile manufacturer will unify the 1 standard aircraft. This service will be piloted on some flights to Hawaii in early 2016. In the initial test, virgin American passengers were able to use the WiFi network for free. David Kush, CEO of the company, said: this service uses Ka satellite covering the mainland of the United States, and the speed will be 30 times that of ATG used by most aircraft, as well as 10 times that of our current aircraft

Kush also said: This is a dual antenna system, and Ku satellite covering the Pacific region is also used. Therefore, we can use a single antenna to provide high-speed WiFi services in the mainland of the United States and appropriately extend its service life in Hawaii. He believes that viasat's hybrid antenna is an important competitive advantage for virgin American. Some of virgin American's competitors are trying to provide WiFi services through Ka satellite, but this method is only applicable to routes in the United States. He pointed out that no other airline adopts the hybrid configuration of Ka and Ku satellites

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