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Violent layoffs vs care about compensation: who will be the victim of Microsoft layoffs

the negotiation between Microsoft and former Nokia employees is still in communication and coordination through the labor union. The latest change is that Microsoft raised the average salary of employees from 25000 yuan to 31000 yuan, and the compensation scheme remains unchanged at n+2. The earliest time for employees to leave is September 30. While some former Nokia employees are still dissatisfied and put forward new requirements to the labor union, mainly focusing on two points: first, the resignation time is postponed to the end of April 2015, and second, the compensation scheme is insisted to be n+6

disputes and the publicity of contradictions have made both Microsoft and the employees who will be laid off become victims

the plan has changed

on the morning of August 4, the former employees of Nokia Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NCIC) received a new email, which mentioned that the layoff compensation has changed. An insider explained to that there were two main changes: first, the base of the average salary was raised from 25000 yuan to 31000 yuan. The second point is that the company allocated 18million yuan of training funds to the laid-off employees

as a member affected this time, he restored the process of layoffs. Microsoft announced its layoff plan by its headquarters on July 17. So some groups of former Nokia employees began to discuss the issue of layoffs and compensation. Microsoft previously promised not to lay off staff within one year of the acquisition, and if it did, it would follow Nokia's standards. Since Nokia had an n+6 compensation standard in its early years, it is natural for everyone in the group to form an expectation that the compensation should be n+6

on July 31, the company sent a letter to the employees to convey the preliminary idea of layoffs to the employees. At the same time, a station was opened to explain and communicate layoffs. From this preliminary plan, the information received by employees is n+2 compensation. The huge gap made the employees excited

on August 1, Microsoft HR came to NCIC office building and introduced to NCIC employees that Microsoft would open some positions to employees who might be laid off this time. However, due to the dissatisfaction of the employees with the compensation plan, the two sides soon faced confrontation, and their emotions became more and more intense. Some employees hoped that things would make matters worse, put pressure on Microsoft, and told the media the news at the first time. Then the media came to the scene, but they could not enter the park. So some employees went to the gate of the park to demonstrate against Microsoft's violent layoffs, and many pictures were captured

it is understood that the dissatisfaction of the employees on July 31 has been conveyed to the company through the labor union. The two sides conducted a second round of communication on August 1, so that the employees received the mail on August 4, but it is impossible to obtain the damaged curve on a general experimental machine, and the compensation scheme has been improved

the above insiders told that the reason for the increase in the basic average salary was that after Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia this year, it raised the salary of the former Nokia employees once and generally. The increase in the base is the latest plan after the salary increase, which is equivalent to an increase in compensation for most employees. In other words, if the average personal salary is lower than this base, you can get n+2 compensation according to this base. If it is higher than this base, the compensation is calculated according to the actual average personal salary

by the time of press release, NCIC employees were still dissatisfied with the upward adjustment plan and hoped to negotiate with the company again through the labor union, insisting on two conditions: first, compensation for n+6, and second, the resignation time was postponed to the end of April 2015

How did the divergence between n+6 and n+2 come about? It is understood that some specific compensation measures used by Nokia in 2011 or earlier in 2007 adopt the n+6 scheme. Nokia adopted the n+2 plan in layoffs in 2013. The Microsoft Solution promises to strictly follow the compensation standard of NCIC in 20111, safety device: electronic limit protection for 3 years

in addition, there is a more sensitive issue. In the same park with NCIC is Nokia production line. The salary of employees here is far lower than that of NCIC. Microsoft previously offered an automatic resignation compensation scheme based on the average salary of 5892 yuan. The wages of many workers on the production line are twoorthree yuan, which is much higher than expected. At the same time, in order to encourage employees to leave actively, employees who leave voluntarily within the specified period will also receive a reward. The managers on the first floor talked to us, luring and intimidating. Moreover, the factory did not have much culture and was not very noisy. Many people signed it. But now everyone regrets it. In the same yard, the employees of the factory saw that NCIC's compensation had increased and became more thoughtful


in fact, there is no need to talk about feelings, say how many years of feelings you have for the company. We only look at the parts related to our own interests. Internal staff told me so. In the company's email, employees only care about the parts involving their own personal interests, including the compensation plan, the compensation for annual leave and year-end bonus. According to the plan, we can see which one can find the basis to ask for more compensation, which can not change the fact of being laid off. What employees want is how to get the most

as the employee said, the contradiction of the company's strategic layoffs is the contradiction between the company's interests and personal interests, which is difficult to reconcile in essence. No matter what plan the company gives, the laid-off employees will have higher expectations psychologically. Historically, layoffs in major companies have caused large or small shocks, but the degree of dissatisfaction varies due to different layoff plans and communication effects

the most famous is that Lenovo began to move towards internationalization after acquiring IBM's PC business, and also slowly developed from a start-up enterprise in Zhongguancun to an international model. In a layoff of Lenovo, an employee wrote a famous article "Lenovo is not home", which made many Lenovo people wake up: there is a relationship of interest between the company and individuals, so don't treat the company as a family

there are two main reasons why the layoff of Microsoft caused employee protests: first, because of the new owner, the employees have no sense of trust in psychology, and always feel that they are outsiders. They inject a lot of conspiracy theories into the layoff process, which makes it difficult for the two sides to completely communicate openly and transparently. The second is that the scale of one-time layoffs is too large and concentrated, mainly in the former employees of Nokia, and involves middle and senior employees. As long as a few employees take the lead, it is easy to form a situation of one call and one response. In fact, Nokia has been laying off staff in the past few years, but without such concentration, it will not have such a great impact

the Microsoft incident is somewhat similar to the layoffs after Google's acquisition of Motorola. After Google completed its acquisition of Motorola, it also implemented large-scale strategic layoffs, which once caused great dissatisfaction among employees and was accused of violent layoffs. The two sides faced off for a long time. In fact, this confrontation is harmful to both sides

there is no doubt that it will have a great negative impact on the company's image, and it is not good for employees. I'm very worried that if this goes on, everyone outside knows that our treatment is very high, and we still need to make trouble. The outside world will have a bad impression on us by turning the discharge outlet downward, which will also affect our reemployment. Just as the employee was worried, the outside world has pointed to them. When Nokia went downhill, they did not actively turn around, but waited until they were laid off in the company, and were still bargaining

another employee who has worked in many foreign enterprises told that in fact, many layoff plans of foreign enterprises would not be made public, but only one-on-one conversations, which were broken. Microsoft's layoffs this time are too large. It's not the best way to communicate the layoff plan with employees in an open and transparent way. Although layoffs are an irreconcilable contradiction between the company and personal interests, he believes that from the perspective of the company, layoffs should be more careful to control the pace, and appropriate information should be disclosed to make employees mentally prepared and reduce psychological expectations, so that the contradiction will be smaller. Microsoft's method this time is a little simple and rough. Although the compensation scheme is good, it can't be understood by employees

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