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Talk about the experience of using transfer card paper

after reporting the news that Xuzhou cigarette factory used environmental friendly materials to replace aluminum foil composites for cigarette packets, after two months, what is the use of environmental friendly materials - vacuum aluminized transfer card paper (hereinafter referred to as transfer card paper)? We interviewed Dadong group, the main printing enterprise of cigarette packs in Xuzhou cigarette factory, and asked director Lian Naijie of the development center of the printing company to talk about the specific situation

according to director Lian, at present, in addition to the normal use of transfer card in printing, the operation of transfer card in cigarette machine of cigarette factory is also very good, which has been recognized by users. 10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; The advantages can be summarized as follows: first, the transfer card is lighter and thinner per unit area than the aluminum foil composite card, so there are more cigarette packs printed per ton of transfer card; Second, the transfer card is more suitable for embossing, refraction and other processing processes, and the effect after processing is better than aluminum foil composite card; Third, the special processing technology of laser transfer shading cardboard makes the material itself produce a radiant holographic effect, and adds an anti-counterfeiting protection to cigarettes. Of course, its shortcomings can not be avoided. For example, some prints work well in normal light. Once they are exposed to backlight or observed under a magnifying glass, they will show subtle cracks, but it will not affect their use. It is speculated that the aluminum layer of the transfer card is thin and the tension resistance is weak. During gravure printing, the coating of the material itself is easy to dissolve with the solvent ink

director Lian also introduced the varieties of transfer paperboard. Now the brightness of high brightness transfer paperboard used by Dadong printing is comparable to that of PET film composite white paperboard and slightly inferior to that of PET film composite glass paperboard; The demand for matte transfer card will increase day by day

Dadong group has tried transfer card since 1998, and its consumption is increasing day by day. During the process of using transfer card, Dadong group has accumulated valuable experience on some problems it has encountered:

1. Because the tension control of the rewinder used by the transfer card manufacturer is not good, the transfer card has great fluctuations and instability when printing on the web concave printing machine, The printing waste carbon fiber has a very strong hardness rate. Through continuous adjustment and improvement, this problem has been solved

2. There have been cracks. Cracking means that the product is good after printing and when leaving the factory, but after two or three months, there are irregular cracks visible to the naked eye, which look like turtle back lines. Director Lian analyzed that this was caused by the improper coating of transfer paper or the ink used in printing. After changing the transfer card and ink supplier, this situation did not occur again

because the transfer paperboard is a product with high technical content, Dadong group also has careful consideration for the selection of suppliers: first, in order to ensure that the annual production demand of packaging materials can reach 67 million tons, timely supply and timely compensation in case of losses caused by product problems, the suppliers should be large-scale enterprises with abundant funds, large scale and strong strength; Second, follow-up technical support is also very important. Only through full communication with each other's industries can we find and solve problems in time when problems occur, and control the losses of both sides to a minimum. Therefore, the reserve of technical personnel of suppliers is also an essential condition, and it is best to have one specialty and multiple abilities talents in chemistry and physics

with the introduction of national environmental protection policies in the future, the environmental protection requirements of cigarette packaging materials will also be the general trend. We also asked director lian to talk about his understanding of this:

1. When water-based ink is used on web gravure printing machine, if the blocking of plate holes can be solved, the demand for gravure printing water-based ink will also increase

2. Because the drying temperature of water-based ink is about 130 ℃, the heat-resistant transfer paperboard with stable quality will be widely used

3. With more cigarette packaging products using transfer card, the purchase volume of transfer card is bound to increase, but there are too few transfer card manufacturers with large scale and high-grade products in domestic production, which affects the stability of supply and the improvement of quality. (dream ring)

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