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Qingdao village officials responded that there are 34 Suites valued at hundreds of millions: nonsense

Beijing News (Liu Gang's linear temperature rise and fall speed refers to intern Yang Feng every 5 minutes). Recently, a post about "Qingdao fangye" on the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important topic that needs to be solved urgently, which is hot on the Internet. According to the post, the Secretary of Balizhuang village and his children in Jimo City, Qingdao, Shandong Province have 34 sets of real estate with a valuation of about 100 million yuan. Yesterday, the local commission for Discipline Inspection replied that it had mastered the information and was involved in the investigation. The party responded by posting "nonsense"

broke the news: "a village official has more than 30 real estate"

on December 13, youyou "cable thread" posted a message entitled "there is a picture, there is a truth: a village head has more than 30 real estate, Qingdao fangye is coming!" Post of

the Post said that Yu Baocheng, the Secretary of Balizhuang village in Jimo, Qingdao, and his family had 34 real estate units under his name. "There are also some properties with unclear property rights that cannot be counted. Based on the rough valuation of the currently known properties, the house in hand is worth hundreds of millions of yuan!"

the post also said, "Yu Baocheng has always been the Secretary of the village, and his son only works in the village committee. His grandson just turned 12 and registered a real estate under his name"

the "details of personal real estate registration" attached to the post also shows the relevant information of more than 30 properties in Baocheng, including the name of the registered owner, the address of the property, purpose, building area, etc., which are clearly visible

the types of houses include gatehouse, residential house, workshop, etc. The building area of the house ranges from a workshop with a maximum area of 2050.875 square meters, to a gatehouse with an area of about 1000 square meters, and then to residential houses with an area of 240 square meters, 180 square meters, and 120 square meters, with different sizes and types

Party: "nonsense, will call the police"

on the 13th, the Beijing News called the Publicity Department of Jimo municipal Party committee, and a staff member responded that the local economy is relatively developed, which does not rule out the possibility that the insured is an entrepreneur and he has money

yesterday morning, the public called Yu Baocheng's office. According to reports, after connecting, Yu Baocheng told, "there is a house, but the house registration details are pure nonsense."

last night, the Beijing News called Yu Baocheng's office many times, but no one answered

as for the question about the explosion of 34 houses, Yu Baocheng replied that there must be a house, and you can't live on the street without a house, but 34 houses are purely artificial, nonsense. Then Yu Baocheng said he was busy reporting the case and hung up

Commission for Discipline Inspection: it has been involved in the investigation

the Beijing News has called the party and government office, commission for Discipline Inspection Office and Publicity Office of Tongji street for many times. According to statistics, the staff admitted that Yu Baocheng did indeed become this person, but did not know the details

yesterday evening, a person surnamed Huang from the publicity and Education Department of Jimo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection told the Beijing news that the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection had noticed the matter and had stepped in to investigate. At present, the investigation is under way. When there is wear and fatigue, it is inconvenient to disclose more details

at 16:00 yesterday, the official microblog of Jimo Discipline Inspection Commission "@ Jimo Discipline Inspection Commission microblog" released a message, saying that "recently, a friend posted a post through microblog and forum, reflecting that Yu Baocheng, Secretary of Balizhuang village, Tongji street, Jimo, has 34 sets of real estate. Jimo discipline Inspection Commission has paid great attention to it and has launched an investigation. The investigation results will be published in time."

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