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Lishui 50 year old rural middle school is equipped with street lights, and students are safe to study at night.

Linyin Road, which leads to the gate of Yunhe junior middle school in Lishui District, is lit by newly installed street lights. Photographed by Ma Jin

Nanbao news (Ma Jin correspondent he Yiwen) at 7 p.m. on July 11, in Jingqiao Town, Lishui District, Lin vagina, more than 100 meters long, extended to Yunhe junior high school, and the warm yellow light followed all the way. On the road and on campus, children play and adults walk and chat. This 50 year old school has street lights for the first time

Wang Jiqing, principal of Yunhe junior middle school in Lishui District, said that not long ago, the street lamp management office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau targeted poverty alleviation and installed 20 lighting lamps and 40 spotlights in the school, creating a place for surrounding residents to relax at night, and also providing a safety guarantee for the evening self-study of the third day students in the second half of the year

Yunhe junior middle school, located in the remote countryside of Lishui, has 280 students, which is characterized by "three more": many left behind, many poor families, many single parent families, and relatively lack of family education. In order to improve their teaching performance, junior high school students plan to start late self-study from September this year. "Without street lights, how to ensure the safety of students during the evening self-study?" Wang Jiqing made a mistake

by chance, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau learned about this situation. "Although this area is not within the scope of our operation and maintenance, we are very willing to do something for the school." Wu Xianchu, deputy manager of the Chengnan construction center of the street lamp Department of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said that most of them were hydraulic universal experimental machines. Hui said that after the Lantern Festival, the street lamp Department organized personnel to investigate the school and plan and design the street lamp installation project

Wu Hui told that after the survey, the street lamp office decided to install 20 street lamps, 5 on the vagina of the more than 100 meter long forest from the school gate to the main road of the market town, and 15 on the main roads and footpaths in the campus

Yunhe middle school is close to zheshantou reservoir, overlooking Zhishan and Fangshan mountains. The environment of distant mountains and near water and the large area of greening landscape in the campus made it rated as "Nanjing garden campus" in 2016. To this end, the street lamp Department of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau decided to install 40 spotlights on the cloud corridor and Juhe Pavilion on the green space to highlight the beautiful night scene of the campus through the outline of the lights

"street lights illuminate every corner of the school. At the same time, the miniaturization of pulley and the requirement to reduce the width of wheel and tape also warm every teacher and student." Wang Jiqing is very excited. In the future, not only will it be safer for students to go home after self-study in the evening, but also on winter mornings, children will not "use calcium carbonate too high to go into the campus in the dark."

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