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Sk chemical has invested heavily in the expansion of polyphenylene sulfide plant

SK chemicals, a chemical subsidiary of SK group in South Korea, will invest in a large plant producing special engineering plastics

recently, SK chemical announced that it would invest 230billion won (about 220million US dollars) to build a plant producing PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)

pps is a super engineering plastic with excellent heat and chemical resistance, which is widely used to replace metals. In 2012, the global market for special engineering plastics was about 280000 tons, of which 94000 tons were PPS, and most of them were modified products

SK chemical plans to build a new production equipment in Ulsan Industrial Park in South Korea, which is expected to be completed later in 2015. The capacity of the first phase is 12000 tons of PPS base materials per year. At the same time, SK chemical will also take into account the market growth rate after 2015 and expand its production capacity in a timely manner. By then, it will reach 20000 tons per year

SK chemical will start the production of PPS base materials in 2015, and its sales are expected to reach 140billion won (about 130million US dollars) in 2017. Through cooperation with local companies in South Korea and companies in other countries, it is planned to increase sales to 340billion won (about 320million US dollars) in 2024

sk chemical said that its waste foam granulator produced 54.74 million tons of waste products. Unlike the traditional technology, the PPS process does not require the use of toxic solvents and does not produce by-products in the production process

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