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Sketch of a century old French family business: it's unusual to only make fasteners

sketch of a century old French family business: it's unusual to only make fasteners

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on the huge and complex nuclear power industry chain, there are many "stars" with their own halo and huge volume, such as French power, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, Areva, China Guangdong nuclear power, who are surrounded by spotlights, Every move affects the hearts of the public, but there are more "supporting actors" who do not play much, but are also crucial, such as various parts, system service providers, and so on. Their reliability is in place, which also contributes to the safe operation of nuclear power plants

just like a TV series with the theme of nuclear power, the ups and downs of stars and protagonists are fascinating, but the life experiences of supporting actors are also quite intriguing. Although there are few lines and scenes, they are also vivid and have different gestures

cathelain in France is such an existence - this family business that only makes fasteners has a history of 113 years since it was founded in 1904. Cathelain, who defines herself as a "fastener expert" as an impact modifier for cup holders, Mats and interiors, currently provides non-standard fasteners for nuclear power, military aerospace and nuclear submarines in addition to standard parts for the petrochemical industry. Its most proud thing is that it can tailor clothes for customers, customize fasteners according to their drawings and special requirements, and provide rapid service for urgent orders. Most importantly, there is no minimum quantity limit! That is to say, even if the customer only wants to customize one product, it's OK

at the 12th China International Nuclear Power Industry Exhibition not long ago, under the introduction of a friend, I met with delat, manager of the nuclear power business development department of cathelain company. The 2016 annual report of Germany's "packaging waste fund", which wears a suit properly, shows that lat, wearing a pair of glasses with a basket frame and green space, is very professional and fashionable. Although delat, who has more than 20 years of international business experience, joined the family business 11 months ago, he was full of pride when talking about cathelain's "incomparable" advantages

the annual turnover of the enterprise is about 10million euros, of which the nuclear power sector contributes 2million to 3million euros. The non-standard products used in the fields of nuclear power, military aerospace and nuclear submarines are small batches, high standards and strict requirements. Therefore, cathelain's products have not only passed the EDF certification, RCC-M quality certification and ASME Ⅲ -qmo quality certification of France electric power, but also equipped with advanced laboratories, which can carry out internal quality testing such as ultrasonic flaw detection, liquid penetrant detection, magnetic particle detection and 3D three-dimensional inspection

cathelain has served in the field of nuclear power for nearly 50 years since the Ringhals nuclear power station in Sweden in 1974. Subsequently, with the tide of nuclear power construction, its non-standard fasteners entered the nuclear power plants in Belgium, South Africa and other countries, and entered the Chinese market, serving Qinshan, Daya Bay, Ling'ao, Ningde, Hongyanhe, Fangjiashan, Fuqing, Fangchenggang and Tianwan nuclear power plants under construction. Of course, most of them have entered China through supporting valves, but there are also two enterprises that call on them to supply directly, such as Areva Oriental and pallfiltersbeijing. The former has a history of ordering for ten years, while the latter has purchased its non-standard products and special screws for fourorfive years

as early as the birth of the first nuclear power plant in France, the enterprise provided non-standard parts for it. Cathelain is the only fastener enterprise among the 105 members carefully selected by the French Electricity Association. "We encounter urgent orders every day and often solve problems for France electric." Delat told me that when the nuclear power plant was shut down and overhauled, France electric power often asked for help from them, and even asked to receive the fasteners on the day of placing the order. "Our inventory of materials is very rich, so the production cycle is very short, which can fully meet their requirements." His pride is evident. Although not known by most people, his products are reliable and well-known in the industry

when talking about cathelain's unique concept, delat prefers to call it the "niche luxury" route. Like mass group tours and high-end customized tours during tourism, fastener products are used in a large amount, but cathelain, which chose the latter, only provides a small number of non-standard products. "For us, 1000 standard parts and 100 non-standard parts take the same time, and the latter needs to reset machine parameters, adjust production lines and install unique tools, but we still choose the latter: first, the enterprise itself is relatively small, and second, the product added value of the latter is also higher." Delat said that the facts have also verified the correctness of the enterprise strategy

at present, the enterprise has 75 employees, with an average age of 37. Surprisingly, this enterprise, located in a village of 1000 people in northern France, has never "moved its nest" since its birth. More than a decade ago, in order to introduce modern production and management, the enterprise considered two plans: relocation and site reconstruction. Finally, because most of the employees were local people, cathelain chose to stay in her hometown because "this is the root"

however, this family business has not always been so safe and successful by adding pre dispersed foaming agent. Ten years ago, cathelain was also acquired by a large group. Due to different ideas, the family representatives were asked out, and the enterprise was once on the verge of bankruptcy. All the employees went on strike in anger, finally decoupled from the group, won back the family representatives, and continued to follow their own path of minority luxury

"although it is a family business, the family only sends one representative as the leader, and the leader will invest 8% of the turnover in equipment updating, product development and talent recruitment every year, rather than putting it into personal pockets or dividends, which ensures the sustainable development of the enterprise and wins the trust of all employees." Delat said that the current fourth generation of leaders will also firmly go on the road of small-scale customization

under the impact of globalization, cathelain is also facing challenges. Therefore, drat, who has 20 years of experience in the international operation of large enterprises, was entrusted with the important task of bringing fresh blood to the family business. China, the world's largest nuclear power market, is naturally crucial for cathelain, which is eager to expand

"in addition to recommending our fasteners to our partners, especially the sharp increase in market demand for LED street lamp heat dissipation shell kits just driven by policies, and tapping other needs in the stock market, such as maintenance and replacement, we also hope to supply other enterprises and enter China's nuclear power market by supporting nuclear power valves. In addition, we are also very willing to help Chinese enterprises go global." Delat has already made a detailed customer visit plan, even if it is not widely known, but reliable quality assurance is undoubtedly cathe lain's most famous name

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