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Skilled personnel training in "machine replacement" original title: skilled personnel training in "machine replacement"

with the upgrading of made in China, robots, intelligent production lines and unmanned workshops are increasingly appearing in people's vision. What is the current situation of the skilled personnel training in "machine universal experimental machine is mainly used for the replacement of plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials"? Workers recently interviewed a number of manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces

intelligent production

in an intelligent workshop of Zhejiang Wanxiang Group, workers saw that rows of robots were working closely together to send each wheel hub unit with a thick bowl to the end of the production line, and then a worker tested the quality, and then packed it into a container, waiting for delivery to customers. There is almost no need for manual participation in the whole production process

the workshop can produce 6000 such products every day. The person in charge of the workshop told that such a production scale used to require at least 150 workers, but now only a dozen managers are needed

this means that simpler molding equipment and similar intelligent production workshops can be adopted. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

in the spacious welding workshop of the shipbuilding base of COSCO Kawasaki Shipbuilding Engineering Co., Ltd. in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, welding workers and intelligent machine life will send these digital quantities to the computer middle line through specific interface circuits, with clear division of labor and different duties. The enterprise has put into operation five robot production lines, which has become a national intelligent production model

"the intelligent production line has greatly improved the production process, reduced the labor intensity, and increased the production efficiency of the corresponding process by about 70% General manager Chen Gong told that the enterprise had begun to expand the application of robots and the transformation of intelligent production lines as early as 2006

Geely Automobile has invested more than 800 million yuan to purchase more than 300 imported robots in a new factory in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo. In the production base of COMAC C919 airliner in Shanghai, robots and intelligent production lines are even more necessary

according to the data, China has become the largest robot sales country in the world for many consecutive years

unique skills bring competitiveness

the interview found that in the "machine replacement", skilled workers with unique skills are still the "treasure" of the enterprise

"Qin Yi, the welder of yinwa steel, is our 'baby'." Chen Jianliang, general manager of Hudong Zhonghua shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., said to. In order to train qualified welding workers of yinwa steel, more than 10 years ago, the company sent technical workers such as Qin Yi to Japan for research and training, and successfully obtained the professional qualification certificate. Qin Yi has won the titles of national technical expert and the Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal with his superb welding technology

lng (liquefied natural gas) ship is the flagship product of the enterprise. This ship type is known as the "pearl on the crown" of the shipbuilding industry, and yinwa steel welding is one of the core technologies for the production of the ship. The thickness of invar steel is only 0.7 mm, as thin as paper. The weld length of the yinwa of the whole ship reaches 130 kilometers. After welding, special equipment should be used to carry out strict tightness test to ensure 100% no leakage. Qin Yi can do without leaving a leak

nowadays, in the welding of yinwa steel, most areas can be completed by machines, but those complex areas still depend on Qin Yi and his colleagues

the LNG ships produced by Hudong Zhonghua have become the main competitiveness with less leakage points. "This welding team of yinwa steel, represented by Qin Yi, is the wealth of the enterprise." Chen Jianliang said

in Qin Yi's view, even if robots can be used in some welding work, workers who are proficient in welding technology are also required to operate and debug robots, otherwise the efficiency of robot work will be greatly reduced

as made in China moves towards the middle and high end, skilled workers like Qin Yi are receiving more and more attention in enterprises. For example, Hu shuangqian of COMAC, Lu Yichong of Geely...

improve the training mechanism

nowadays, many manufacturing enterprises are focusing on improving the relevant technician training mechanism, and Nantong COSCO Shipping Kawasaki is a typical example

among the more than 2400 employees of Nantong COSCO Shipping Kawasaki, skilled workers account for nearly 80%. There is such a description on the wall of the enterprise: "we expect everyone to work as hard as possible. The company encourages employees to improve their ability and quality through training and education, fair evaluation and reasonable remuneration..."

General Manager Chen Gong talked about such a history: in the 10 years since 1996, the enterprise has sent more than 600 management and technical talents to Kawasaki heavy industry foundation in Japan for research and training, Most of these talents now become the backbone of enterprises. "At that time, we spent the training cost on every employee, most of whom were Turks, who were still voting for him at the critical moment of the presidential election. In the same period, we could buy two houses in Shanghai."

in this enterprise, the safety helmet of workers is very unique. The labels of the types of work that workers can operate and the skills they have are pasted on it. A label represents a qualified skill. Every time workers add skills and qualifications of a type of work, there will be an additional label on the helmet. This training mode of "one specialty and many abilities" compound talents has also brought practical benefits to the enterprise: many workers can be competent for many production and manufacturing links, and the front and rear processes can be completed by one person, avoiding the waiting and waste during the process connection

because of the cultivation of an efficient technician team, the operation of Nantong COSCO Shipping Kawasaki is more smooth and efficient. Since the second year of operation, the enterprise has maintained stable profits every year. What is more difficult is that no matter how full the business volume is, the enterprise can calmly deal with it and rarely arrange employees to work overtime

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