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Skyjack's China prediction

for Malcolm early, vice president of marketing of Skyjack, who came to China as early as 2013 and reserved 200 mu of development land for the project, he did not miss every change in China's aerial work platform market. In the past five years, the average sales growth rate of aerial work platforms in China has reached 57.6%. Local manufacturers in China have risen one after another, comprehensive giants of construction machinery have entered the market one after another, and leasing companies have gradually become large-scale. "China's aerial work platform market is maturing." Malcolm early describes the current market with the mentality of the past

as the top three professional brands of aerial work platforms in the world, Skyjack pays great attention to the rapidly developing Chinese market. Compared with European and American countries, China's aerial work platform industry is in the golden stage driven by the rapid development of national strategic emerging industries. "There are about 600000 aerial work platforms in North America, while there are only 100000 to 120000 in China." Malcolm early said, "the importance of the Chinese market to Skyjack is self-evident."

malcolm early has been in the aerial work platform industry for 25 years since 1995. In his eyes, the rapidly developing Chinese aerial work platform market is quite similar to the North American market 30 years or earlier. After the increment of scissor platform, the market demand is updated, and it is bound to usher in the rapid growth of arm type and off-road aerial work platforms, which is also a good opportunity for Skyjack to explore the Chinese and even the global market

Skyjack's preparation in the world, one of every three scissor type aerial work platforms is Skyjack's product. Skyjack has produced scissor type aerial work platform products since 1985. At present, more than 400000 scissor type aerial work platforms have been sold worldwide, of which the 6-meter 3219 is the model with the highest sales volume, which has been recognized and praised by the market for a long time

Skyjack began to produce arm type aerial work platforms in 2005, and its product line covers straight arm and curved arm. Among them, sj63aj and sj85aj are world-famous models, especially 63aj, whose sales volume in the Asian market has increased steadily in recent years. All engine driven arm type aerial work platforms and most off-road scissor type aerial work platforms of Skyjack are equipped with axldrive ™ Four wheel drive system, which can provide strong traction and obstacle climbing ability

at the same time, Skyjack arm platform uses the direction sensing drive and steering control system EasyDrive ™ It is extremely accurate and can prevent unnecessary mistakes. "Skyjack's arm platform has passed the market test from design to quality." Malcolm early said, "we will add new product lines and develop more models according to market demand."

in addition to seeing opportunities for Upgrading Chinese aerial work platform products, Skyjack is also prepared for localization in China. Skyjack is subordinate to linama group, a well-known listed company in Canada. Linama's Automotive Systems Division has rich experience in localization in China. It has three factories in Wuxi, one in Tianjin and one in Chongqing. Skyjack has a large number of ready-made cases to learn. "We are full of confidence and hope for the Chinese market." Malcolm early said confidently

Skyjack's ability to predict the future development trend of the Chinese market depends not only on the operating experience of the North American market, but also on Skyjack's personal experience in China. "Previously, China's aerial work platform market was mainly scissors, and in the past two years, we have received positive comments from many leasing companies and customers on Skyjack boom products." Malcolm early said frankly, "in the era of boom car market, Skyjack will further C) manually shift gears: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load size to reflect its advantages

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