Two inventions, including the most popular Vick pa

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Two inventions, such as VEC paint automobile coating paint, have won the national patent number

VEC paint automobile coating paint and other inventions have won the national patent number

February 25, 2009

[China paint information] according to Meng lingran, the correspondent of Qian'an information port, it is understood that yd690 cooking resistant plastic decorative paint independently developed by Tangshan VEC paint Chemical Co., Ltd Yf650 stone impact resistance meeting is more difficult than general EVA. Automotive intermediate coating paint has recently obtained the national invention patent number. After the expiration of the publicity period, it will officially obtain the national patent by the end of this year

yd690 cooking resistant plastic decorative paint is a general plastic primer independently developed by the company. At present, the use of plastic parts in cars is increasing year by year, but the materials of plastic parts are complex and diverse. Due to different materials and properties, different plastic primers are needed. The traditional plastic primer can only be used for one kind of material. The process is cumbersome and wastes resources. It is also a technical problem to study a common primer for all kinds of plastic materials in the world. In response to this topic, the company set up a research and development team, and successfully developed yd690 cooking resistant plastic decorative paint in 2007. The primer is highly decorative and can be applied to ABS, PP, PC, PE plastic materials and perceptual products; It is resistant to cooking. After being boiled in 100 ℃ high-temperature water, it will not lose paint, gloss or blister, and the adhesion is qualified; It is resistant to cold and heat alternation, and its performance will not change and fall off from 40 ℃ to minus 40 ℃, so it can adapt to different geographical climates. This invention is at the leading level in the world. At present, this primer has passed the inspection of Changchun Institute of materials, the authoritative organization in the automotive industry, and obtained the "pass" to enter the automotive industry. It has been used on Mazda 6, Hongqi and other models

yf650 stone impact resistant automotive mid coat paint is a product developed by the company for higher requirements of automotive coating. This product adopts advanced grinding free technology, which changes the experimental software of the traditional intermediate coating universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) and upgrades the process of painting first and then grinding for free. It can directly paint the top coat without grinding, and has good adhesion between layers, good compatibility with primer and top coat, good smoothness, and can improve the fullness and freshness of the top coat. While greatly improving the comprehensive performance of the product and the effectiveness of the equipment, the paint also adopts high-density cross-linking technology, so that the coating "Celanese is committed to helping customers protect and improve their brand, with a certain degree of elasticity and enhanced impact resistance to gravel. This product fills the gap of similar products in China and has a leading position in the world

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