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At present, most county-level and municipal newspapers are still based on four pages, with a circulation of about 20000 copies, and sometimes a small number of color newspapers need to be printed at large newspapers. However, with the same printing machine and the same software, the printing quality of small color newspapers is quite different from that of hundreds of thousands of color newspapers. The main reason is that the normal running speed of the paper tape of the high-speed rotary machine is 9 ~ 13 meters/second, while the printing number of small color newspapers is usually only about 10000 copies, and the printing is finished before the color is adjusted to the best state

to solve this problem, on the one hand, the machine staff are required to color accurately and quickly; On the other hand, in the prepress process of small color newspapers, typesetters should try to cooperate to make the color matching during printing easier and speed up the color matching speed during small color newspaper printing

pre press processing of color newspaper includes image processing, plate assembly, output, plate making and other processes. Here are some views on improving the printing quality of small color newspaper through the adjustment of image processing and plate assembly

adjustment of image color and level

the driven needle should coincide with the scale line. Image plays a very important role in color newspaper printing. In color newspaper printing, the image quality is good, and the color matching time can be reduced during printing

1. Process color images with RGB mode

rgb mode is a color mode adopted by devices based on optical principles, which can show more colors, especially bright and bright colors

image processing often goes through many steps. For example, to combine the contents of several images, because the primary color tones of each component cannot be the same, they need to be adjusted. No matter what effect image processing wants to achieve, the operator hopes to make the picture as real and rich in detail as possible. Because the color range of RGB mode is much larger than that of CMYK mode, when processing images in RGB mode, you will get a wider color space and more variable effects. Although it must be converted to CMYK in the end, and there will certainly be color loss, it is much better than losing the image color at the beginning

2. image sharpness adjustment

compared with high-end printing, color newspaper has limited printing materials and conditions, low number of image lines and high increase rate of printing points. Therefore, in the image adjustment of small color newspaper, it is necessary to use a larger sharpness value to improve the image sharpness

from the perspective of processing technology, sharpening can eliminate the level loss caused by addition. Therefore, sharpening is a necessary step in prepress processing. Sharpening the habits of urban users of more and more ages and their dependence on shared bicycles are related to the type and zoom ratio of the original image. Generally, the sharpness of the character image is smaller, while the sharpness of the landscape image can be larger; The larger the image, the sharper it should be; The higher the magnification, the deeper the sharpening

3. adjustment of image level

the purpose of level adjustment is to meet the printing requirements first. According to the characteristics of high increase rate of newspaper printing points, the increase of points is compensated, and the main levels are concentrated in the middle area, that is, 20% - 60% of the visual sensitive area, so that the level of the original corresponds to the level that can be reproduced by printing to the greatest extent, so as to make the image clear and true. Secondly, according to the content of the manuscript and the level distribution, ensure the accuracy of the key parts of the tone, such as the person's clothes, face, etc. must be clear, the face level difference should not be less than 15%. In addition, adjust the value of extremely high light or extremely dark tone, and do not use large areas. The image point tone is generally controlled between 2% and 95%

4. image color adjustment

image color adjustment, also known as color correction, is mainly to reproduce the color reflected by the original, rather than the original itself. During the adjustment process, it is mainly to correct the color deviation caused by the original or scanning to ensure the accuracy of the color of the main part; It is also necessary to ensure that the screen effect is compatible with the final printing effect. Note that the paper has a grayscale of 3% - 5%. It is best to compare the proofs or standard prints. Open the original digital files and compare them for color correction. At the same time, the color correction and adjustment should be based on the data displayed on the information board, not only on the screen display effect

5. Convert RGB mode to CMYK mode

the image used for printing must be in CMYK mode, so the image mode must be converted before printing. The image in CMYK mode is not as bright as that in RGB mode. Check the image after conversion and output it after confirming that there is no color deviation. If you are not satisfied, you should immediately cancel the color mode conversion, and do not convert it back to RGB color mode, otherwise it will cause color loss

group edition adjustment

the group edition process is also an important aspect that affects the quality of color newspapers. The use of layout color will affect the positioning, theme and style of the whole layout. Therefore, typesetters must use colors reasonably and adjust them appropriately by many OEM manufacturers, so as to reduce the time of color adjustment during printing and improve the printing quality of small color newspapers

1. image size adjustment

the influence of image quality cannot be ignored in the process of edition composition. First of all, do not enlarge or reduce the image in the software when assembling the version. Reducing the image will make the effect worse and the output slow; The enlarged image has a greater impact on the image effect. If the size must be changed, it should be carried out in the image processing software

secondly, we should pay attention to the problem of image embossing, which should not be too much; Do not use negative words, otherwise the image effect will be affected

third, the text and image should be kept at a certain distance, not too crowded or too loose, so as not to affect the overall effect of graphics and text

2. The handling skills of shading in the layout

correctly using shading to make it a part of the layout language is an important part of printing small color newspapers

(1) shading color selection should be reasonable

if yellow shading must be used, it is best to use 100% pure yellow, because yellow is easy to see on white paper, so it is difficult to have high printing quality; If there are black words in the shading, and the black words have no edges, you should use less shading such as purple, cyan, green, red, etc., because they are easy to see when matched with black words, and you should avoid using them in combination

(2) shading color uses more sub pure color, pure color and less complex color

because complex color is formed by multi-color overprinting, it will inevitably increase the difficulty of chasing color in small color newspaper printing, making it difficult to print color accurately and prone to color deviation

(3) avoid printing color blocks on the text

especially when small characters, it is easier to reduce the visibility of the text. The background color of the text should be on the premise that it does not hinder reading, so for small text with a certain length, it is appropriate to use a soft and light tone background, and avoid the use of dark shading such as blue-green and blue purple

3. Let's learn how to deal with the layout text together.

generally, the color newspaper text is black, because black is the most visible on white paper and has the least visual color stimulation to readers, which can reduce reading fatigue. If the content of the text must use colored words, it is generally suitable to use purple, cyan and other colors with high visibility on the paper, and use less gray, red and other colors with low visibility, and basically cannot use yellow

the font size of the article title is usually large and the number of words is small. You can use more high-definition and high-purity colors, such as yellow, red, orange, etc., to attract readers' attention and make the page Jump. At the same time, from the perspective of printing, it is also easy to print. Of course, for the overall needs of the layout, you can also use some soft light tones

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