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Skills and methods of visual recognition in packaging design

l. positive and negative. Handstands are quite beneficial to exercise. Interestingly, in recent years, the phenomenon of putting the cart before the horse has also appeared from time to time in advertising design. People or things are deliberately reversed in the picture. Once inverted, it immediately becomes noticeable. Gestalt psychologist Arnheim said in art and visual perception, "handstand can completely change the figure because there is a dominant orientation in the visual cortex of the brain." People have been stimulated by a fixed directional factor for a long time, and formed a unique perception of the shape characteristics. People always have their head on top and feet under, and the water always flows from top to bottom. Once the constancy of this visual image is broken, a new visual impact is formed, and the increasingly dull image appears in a new attitude. The pros and cons sometimes appear as pros and cons. The gold award works peace and the future of our ancestors at the 1985 international advertising exhibition are typical works of pros and cons. "Peace" flies in the opposite direction with two missiles passing by, symbolizing the avoidance of war. The reverse writing of peace symbolizes the chaos of war in the world today (the opposite of peace is war). If we turn the letters back in our brain, we will regain peace

the future of our ancestors represents the continuation of human society with a human ancestor's remains, and the inverted word "Sheng" reflects human worries about future survival. Anti and inverted are both unique and meaningful

2. Replacement. The so-called replacement is to replace a part of the original structure with something else, and the relationship between them has not changed. But it has a new look. People used to remember that when penicillin was first introduced, it almost became a panacea for some diseases. However, as the drug resistance of bacteria increases, it sometimes seems less effective. It was impossible to increase the dose without limitation. At this time, scientists developed semi synthetic penicillin, which replaced the part of bacterial resistance in the original chemical structure, and penicillin conquered bacteria again. Although this example is not very appropriate. But it also shows a truth. To overcome the numbness of people's visual experience, replacement can also produce the same effect, a jewelry advertisement. Hang the necklace on people's neck, and the other zipper advertisement hangs the zipper on people's neck. There is an advertisement in foreign countries. A pair of shoelaces are tied on two pieces of meat. At first glance, it looks strange. If you look carefully, it turns out to be an advertisement advertising that sports can develop people's muscles

obviously, people's imagination of "honoring others" is particularly eye-catching. In resin chemistry

3. The proportion of space occupied by things and the perspective relationship have formed a stable concept. Only in a single story, a shoe will become the cradle of a baby., With one somersault, Monkey King could not jump out of the palm of the Tathagata Buddha. There is an advertisement for "Nike" sneakers, which shows a huge sneaker full of all kinds of athletes. Another group of beverage advertisements will be as high as skyscrapers. People will not criticize designers for fabricating facts because this abnormal phenomenon is so true. Instead, they will have a strong interest in this dreamlike scene, and the advertising information will be remembered by people

4. Shadow. There are projection and reflection. Both of them are phenomena outside of things themselves, and have a magical relationship with things. The reflection in the Lijiang River does not belong to the water, but to the mountains on both sides. The beautiful shadow in front of the window does not belong to Fu, but it is clear beyond the score. This kind of aesthetic taste, which can be seen from time to time, has long been valued by photographers and artists. If there is any difference between designers, painters and photographers in capturing shadows, the former has richer imagination. Play more incisively and vividly, in their hands, the use of shadow in is so free and easy. Sometimes, the shadow is no longer a passive manifestation of the original, but a free derivation. Make a gesture, project it onto the wall and become a dog. Aeronautical engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have explored a new method of bonding composite layers. Many people probably played such games as this when they were children. Perhaps it is this game that inspires the designer's imagination to add or reduce the amount of information by shadow. By the quiet pond, a man wearing headphones was fishing safely and contentedly, while a small band appeared in the reflection in the water. This is an advertisement. Undoubtedly, people immediately associate this with the beauty of the pocket recorder. It seems to say that even if you are fishing alone, there is still a band with you. The pocket recorder is really wonderful

use shadows. At the same time, some secondary images can be deleted. For example, a pair of leather shoes leave a figure behind, but the person wearing the shoes does not. Although there is no one himself, people always regard the shadow as a second self and give it life. At the same time, the shadow simplifies all details. The feature of this advertisement is the deletion of characters that may cause distraction. It also expresses the relationship between shoes and people, highlighting the theme of shoes

5. Crushing. In the traditional aesthetic taste, the portal structure is used for more than 1 ton, and only the perfection of things is valued. With the development of modern painting, the original understanding of beauty has also undergone a fundamental change. The separation and reorganization of images are handled freely according to the author's ideas and needs. Picasso's "Guernica" expresses a profound and extensive content, which can not be included in a single word to complete the multi-channel closed-loop control, in which the cruelty of the war is reflected through the disintegration of the body, which obviously gives people a strong shock. Ingenious use of fragmentation to increase visual effects has also increased significantly in advertisements. Things are often ignored in a static and intact state. Once this normality is lost, people's attention will focus instead. In a perfume advertisement, the perfume on the screen was suddenly smashed by something, giving people a sense of surprise. In the 84 Japanese graphic creative design exhibition held in New York in 1984, the designer used seven alcohol advertising posters designed by Masao to tear up the intact pictures and then paste them together. He won gold and silver awards respectively for his unique "broken beauty", thus pushing the aesthetic value of fragmentation to a new height within the scope of design

6. Symbolization. All information transmitted by human beings can be interpreted as symbolic phenomena. The symbol here refers to giving something a certain meaning. This kind of symbol that gives meaning is no longer used to express the original content. The meaning it expresses is a new symbol that has not yet existed in the original human symbol system,. It is a creative activity. The first person who compares girls to flowers or children to the flowers of the motherland is creating symbols and giving new content to the original symbols that cannot be found in dictionaries. A poster in Hong Kong, "corrupt people eat society", shows a maggot eating an apple. Comparing apples to society and maggots to embezzlers, the theme is very profound. An abstract concept is vividly embodied. A Japanese company opened its business. It uses the symbol of egg breaking to express that after long-term preparation, the company was finally born like a chicken out of its shell

in a word, the uniqueness of design creativity is the key to the design of modern advertising. Here are only some prominent examples in current advertising design, which are not enough to outline the face of the whole modern design, from which we can only get a glimpse of

7. Exaggeration. With the help of imagination, grasp some characteristics of the described object, and obviously exaggerate its nature, state, quantity and degree, so as to highlight the essence or characteristics of things and make them novel and unexpected, so as to be more distinctive and vivid. Poetry often uses exaggeration to express feelings, and photography advertisements often use this technique to attract audiences with strange and amazing pen

8. rendering. Through the psychological and behavioral foreshadowing of the environment, scenery or characters, we can describe and highlight the subject of goods, so as to strengthen the artistic effect. Realistic pictures are often inseparable from rendering, such as the choice of background and foil, and the deployment of color and light and shadow are also relatively simple rendering. In the creation of freehand brushwork, rendering, as an artistic technique, is mainly used to highlight the temperament, style and characteristics of commodities

9. plot. That is, story pictures, which mainly form plots through specific events or contradictions and conflicts between goods and people or things in a specific life scene, so as to show the essential characteristics of goods. These plots can be extracted from life, or they can be made up boldly and reasonably. As long as any kind of commodity has a role and status in life, it can excavate or weave various stories. Once these stories are close to the audience's life and make them feel fresh, they will have a sense of intimacy and penetration

in photography advertising pictures, there is no distinction between realism and freehand brushwork. Generally speaking, realistic pictures are more strict in shooting, while freehand brushwork is more creative. Whether it is realism or freehand brushwork, it is ultimately necessary to integrate various content and form factors to show the most clear and appropriate relationship between harmony and contrast, so that the work has a certain artistic conception, of course, commercial artistic conception. This is the end point of the creation of the advertising author and the starting point of the aesthetic activities of the advertising audience


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