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Sk company said it would not reduce the operating rate of ethylene and PE devices

according to overseas media reports, an informed person of SK company in South Korea recently revealed that although the ethylene, propylene and polyolefin markets are weak, SK company to solve employee employment does not plan to immediately reduce the operating rate of its ethylene cracking device. At present, the operating rates of SK's two ethylene cracking units and polyolefin units are both 100%

market traders believe that SK can maintain such a high operating rate because naphtha is cheap

it is reported that the current ethylene production capacity of SK company is 725000 tons/year. The CEO of AGC aerocomposites said, "the" cofusion "project is a great opportunity for our company to seek technological progress in composite materials. The propylene production capacity is 365000 tons/year, the PE production capacity is 350000 tons/year, and the PP production capacity is 340000 tons. At the 7th China smart city exhibition held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in early September. In addition, the company has two sets of 300000 t/a sm devices, one of which has been sold to BASF Korea. It is reported that SK will officially hand over this device in the near future

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