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The soaring oil price and the "price rise" of related products

this year, the international oil price has kept climbing to a new high. On the 26th of last month, the international crude oil futures price in New York market broke through the "psychological barrier" of $50 per barrel

the soaring international oil price has caused a chain reaction in the domestic market, the most direct of which is the overall rise in the retail price of gasoline and diesel. Now, this chain reaction is rapidly slowing down, and the buzzing current products in the downstream of oil and related products can't help but rise in prices, beginning to affect all aspects of people's lives, and consumers have first tasted the taste of "paying"

life scenario 1: Ms. Yan, who lives in Qinhong community, came to the supermarket to shop recently and found that the plastic bags provided by the supermarket were getting weaker and weaker. She accidentally broke down the Ping mine group. The production cost per ton of coal reached 420 yuan/ton. Carefully, she compared the plastic bag with the plastic bag provided by the supermarket before and found that it was much thinner

life scenario 2: Mr. Xue of a magazine is going to decorate the newly bought yangguangjiayuan new house these two days. Two months ago, he asked a decoration company for the price. Later, he was delayed due to work. Recently, when he was free to find this company to prepare to implement the decoration, he didn't expect that the company gave him a new quotation. As a result, the paint, coating, etc. in this quotation increased a little. The decoration company explained that the price of materials had risen

life scenario 3: Tang Meiyu, executive vice president of Nanjing plastic industry company, recently lamented that the plastic trade business is becoming more and more difficult. The price of raw materials is rising, while the market price of finished products is rising very hard. He said that his company mainly makes plastic parts for cars and motorcycles. At present, the price of cars has fallen again and again. At this time, it is really difficult for them to raise the price completely according to the increase in the price of raw materials. "They can only continuously compress their profit space."

insiders pointed out pointedly that all these changes were caused by the rising price of stone 1 oil. In fact, since the day when the international oil price began to soar, the domestic downstream and related product markets such as petrochemicals and plastics have been changing. Ethylene, propylene and other petrochemical products rose to the highest level in 15 years. Plastic prices are soaring like a rocket. Yangzi Petrochemical recently raised the ex factory prices of PE, PP and other plastic products respectively

the relevant person of Nanjing plastic industry association said in an interview that the price of plastic materials has nearly doubled since March this year. Judging from the current rising trend of international crude oil prices, there is still room for the plastic market to rise after the National Day holiday. The rise in the price of plastic raw materials is also affecting the home appliances, beverages, toys, decoration materials and other industries. Ge Hui, head of Nanjing Jubang decoration company, admitted that although this price rise has not yet "blossomed in an all-round way", signs of some products have appeared

the soaring oil price not only affects people's daily consumption life, but also affects the economic life of enterprises. Take the plastic industry as an example. There are about 360 plastic enterprises registered with the Nanjing Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce. At present, many of them have stopped production or closed down. Those who start production are also constantly adjusting the structure of raw materials and products, and trying to develop modified materials. The whole plastic industry is undergoing a new reshuffle

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