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Ultrasonic flaw detector skills

61mut600 is a digital portable ultrasonic flaw detector, which can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, pores, inclusions, etc.) inside the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage and accurately. It is used not only in the laboratory, but also in the project site detection. This instrument is widely used in special inspection institutes, construction engineering quality inspection stations, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, steel structure manufacturing, shipbuilding, oil and gas equipment manufacturing and other fields that need defect detection and quality control. It is also widely used in in-service safety inspection and life evaluation in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler pressure vessel and other fields

instrument features: high quality, lowest price

work and take out the sample to inspect and record the fracture morphology of the sample. It can feature

full Chinese display, master-slave menu, and is designed with shortcut keys and digital shuttle wheel, which is convenient to operate

full digital true color LCD, which can select the background color and waveform color according to the environment, and the LCD brightness can be set freely

the high-performance security battery module is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be charged offline independently. The high-capacity and high-performance lithium-ion battery module extends the continuous working time of the instrument to more than six hours; The instrument is light to urinate and can be held with one hand. It is durable and guides the trend of the industry

under the background and situation of the main technology, its changes will involve many industrial parameters such as downstream power supply, glass, etc.

detection range: (0~6000) mm

working frequency: (0.5~15) MHz

sound speed range: (1000~9999) m/s gain, total gain 110dB, set 0, 0.1dB, 1dB, 2dB, 6dB step values, and unique full-automatic gain adjustment and scanning gain functions, so that the flaw detection is fast and accurate

dynamic range ≥ 32dB

vertical linear error ≤ 3%

horizontal linear error ≤ 0.2%

resolution>33db (5p14)

sensitivity margin 60dB (200mm deep Ф 2 flat bottom hole)

Digital suppression (0~80)%, which does not affect linearity and gain

electric noise level ≤ 10%

probe type straight probe, double crystal probe, angle probe, penetration flaw detection

gate: wave inlet gate, wave loss gate; Double gate reading, single gate reading

alarm buzzer alarm LED light alarm

power DC 9V; Lithium battery works continuously for more than 6~8 hours

overall size: 263 × one hundred and sixty-nine × 61 (mm)

ambient temperature: (-) ℃

relative humidity: ()%rh

note: the above indicators are when the probe frequency is 2.5MHz It is measured when the detection mode is full wave

transmit pulse

pulse amplitude: high, medium and low - graded selection, wide range of applicable probes

pulse width: fixed width, non adjustable

detection range:

zero interface incident mm (steel, longitudinal wave), continuous adjustment

gate alarm

door position, door width and door height can be adjusted arbitrarily; B gate can be set with incoming wave alarm or loss of wave alarm; Buzzer and LED light in the gate (LED light alarm is very effective in noisy environment) alarm and close

data storage

10 groups of flaw detection parameter channels, which can pre adjust the combined parameters of various probes and instruments, and freely set the flaw detection standards of various industries; It can store 1000 flaw detection echo signals and parameters, and realize storage, reading and transmission through USB interface

real time clock

track and record the date and time of real-time flaw detection, and record and store it

communication interface

usb2.0 high speed communication transmission interface

battery module

high capacity lithium battery module, charging and offline charging are two charging methods, which are convenient to use

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