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Overview of the European composite Exhibition 2010

every year, the European composite exhibition shows the dynamic development of the composite market and the current development trend. From September 14 to 16, 2010, the fifth European composite exhibition will be held in Essen, Germany

it is expected that in the 2010 European composite exhibition, exhibitors from all over the world will melt the raw incombustible inorganic materials. The measurement results will not only be used to verify the theory, but also reach more than 300. These exhibitors include raw material suppliers. Composite materials support the cultivation of about 30 new material r & D and utilization project material machinery or equipment suppliers who are leading in the domestic industry and know all the technologies of the experimental machine like the palm of their hand, It also includes manufacturers of component products in the application industry

important enterprises that have registered to participate in the exhibition include Huntsman, 3b fibreglass, Dassault, pultrex, kraussmaffei, etc. Toho Tenax, the largest carbon fiber supplier in Europe, participated in the European composite Exhibition for the first time. Other first exhibitors include BASF, Johns Manville and KTM technologies in Austria. In addition, Scott Bader and Advanced Composites Group (ACG) from the UK will also participate in the 2010 European composite exhibition

product exhibition area

the product exhibition area, whether it is a light train, a motorboat or an innovative air cushion explosion-proof door, is quite eye-catching and will attract the attention of countless visitors. Exhibitors and their innovative products will prove the great development trend of composite materials in the future. The product exhibition area is located in hall 10/11 at the center of the European composite exhibition

in the product exhibition area, KTM will display X-Bow products, which is the first car produced by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. The bottom of the 240 HP sports car is a hard shell structure made of carbon fiber composites. Kraussmaffei technologies from Germany will show the motorboats produced using long fiber injection technology. RH schneidtechnik will demonstrate portable electric cutting machines for the production of glass and carbon fibers. Dassault will introduce visitors to the knowledge of simulation technology

in addition to innovative products, exhibitors will also show product production processes and measurement methods. For example, Euro RTM group of the German reinforced plastics Alliance (AVK) will demonstrate demoulding technology to visitors

the European composite exhibition is an international forum platform for technical principles, industry trends and innovative products. The 2010 European composite exhibition will once again show the hot topics related to the composite industry. With the assistance of reinforced plastics, the European composite forum will focus on all aspects of knowledge in the field of composite applications. In some special seminars and exhibitors' introductions, visitors can learn more about the basic technology, development trends and innovative technology of composite materials. Visitors can visit the 2010 European composite exhibition free of charge

2012 will change the venue

this year is the last European composite exhibition held in Essen. In 2012, the venue of the European composite exhibition will be changed from Essen To Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, which will be held together with the aluminum industry exhibition. So far, the European composite exhibition has been held alternately in Essen and Stuttgart every year. Since 2010, the European composite exhibition will be held alternately between Stuttgart (held in 2011) and Dusseldorf (held in 2012)

Introduction to composites Europe

composites Europe is hosted by Reed Exhibitions, the world's largest exhibition organizer. It is one of the largest professional composite exhibitions in Europe and the world. Since its establishment, the exhibition has been held alternately in Essen and Stuttgart, the most important industrial sites in Europe. With its remarkable strong growth, it has established a benchmark position in the global composite industry. The exhibition was strongly supported by the European Composite Industry Association (EuCIA), the German reinforced plastics Alliance (AVK), and the magazine media of reinforced plastics. At the beginning of the exhibition, the European composite exhibition was strongly supported by the German reinforced plastics Alliance (AVK). From September 13 to 14, 2010, the German reinforced plastics Alliance (AVK) will send about 500 representatives to participate in the European composite exhibition

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