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Two solutions for clean energy consumption

during the annual two sessions, the "No. 1 proposal" always attracts special attention from the public and the media. Although some people believe that "No. 1" is just a sequential number, which has little to do with importance. But Chen Xinyou, deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, doesn't think so

he told energy review that Sichuan clean energy consumption had become the No. 1 proposal submitted by the Sichuan delegation as early as last year's "two sessions". This year, the enthusiasm for this topic is still unabated

the reason why it can become the "No. 1 proposal" is undoubtedly because of the special value and weathervane significance of clean energy consumption at present

the 19th CPC National Congress proposed to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, which pointed out the direction of China's future energy development. Chen Xinyou believes that developing clean energy, promoting the transformation of energy consumption structure and realizing "green development" are not only important measures to deal with energy security, environmental pollution and climate change, but also closely connected with people's lives and consistent with people's expectations

in terms of specific measures, Shi Yudong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Sichuan electric power company, Chen Xinyou, director of Sichuan Economic and Information Technology Commission, Zou Jin, mayor of Ya'an City, and Liu Hanyuan, chairman of the board of Tongwei group, the deputies to the National People's Congress from Sichuan, coincidentally mentioned two suggestions: UHV and re electrification. They believed that to consolidate the achievements of the blue sky defense war, these two measures are indispensable - they not only provide clean and reliable power security for the central and eastern regions, but also promote the transformation of Sichuan's resource advantages into economic advantages

UHV: make clean energy useful

at present, one of the problems faced by Sichuan energy to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles is that there are enough resources, but there is no "place to use"

"Sichuan is a large province of clean energy resources, extremely rich in green renewable hydropower resources, and rich in clean energy. This is the first renewable plastic zone in China to be held continuously in the form of exhibitions. By the end of 2017, the total installed power generation capacity of the province had reached 95.71 million kW, including 79.1 million kw of clean energy such as water and scenery, ranking first in the country". Shi Yudong, deputy to the National People's Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Sichuan electric power company, said

however, the role of rich resources has not been fully played. On the surface, under the new economic normal, the growth rate of electricity demand in Sichuan Province has fallen, resulting in the oversupply of electricity in the province, and the consumption of clean energy has become a problem. There has been a serious problem of water abandonment in hydropower in Sichuan

Zou Jin, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor of Ya'an City, took Ya'an City as an example and pointed out that the city's annual waste of water and electricity exceeded 4billion kwh, equivalent to the consumption of about 1.2 million tons of standard coal, which caused great losses to local economic development and power generation enterprises

but what is the deeper reason? Liu Hanyuan, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Tongwei group, pointed out that the government's support was insufficient

he believes that from a macro point of view, China's power and recyclability is not really surplus. The annual per capita power consumption in the United States is about kwh, that in Germany and Japan is about 8000-10000 kwh, that in China is only 4000 kwh, and that in Sichuan is only 2000 kwh. Power consumption is far from saturation. Another 1-2 billion tons of coal are needed every year to supplement electricity. Under certain policy regulation, we should do a good job in various energy quotas and implement peak shaving of thermal power. The total amount of existing clean energy can be consumed

as Liu Hanyuan said, the completion of consumption needs to be based on sufficient delivery channels. However, at present, there is still a large gap in Sichuan's power transmission capacity

Shi Yudong believes that Sichuan's clean energy must be brought into the national market in order to be fully consumed. If no new export channel is put into operation in the next three years, Sichuan clean energy will face great pressure of "water abandonment", so it is urgent and necessary to speed up the construction of ultra-high voltage power in Sichuan

therefore, he suggested that we should seize the favorable opportunity of the national rolling adjustment of the 13th five year plan, call for the inclusion of Sichuan UHV AC frame into the national power development plan as soon as possible through various ways and channels, and pay close attention to the preliminary work of relevant projects to fundamentally solve the problem of power development in Sichuan Province

Zou Jin also suggested that we should speed up the construction of a unified national power market and establish a national "chess game" idea. However, the park has reserved 200 mu of development land for the project. Based on large electricity, we should build a large market, improve market operation rules, break provincial barriers, and optimize the allocation of clean energy nationwide

the above measures may achieve three results: from the perspective of resources themselves, promote the transformation of Sichuan's hydropower resource advantages into economic advantages; From the perspective of atmospheric governance, we should make due contributions to the prevention and control of smog and poverty alleviation; From the perspective of energy structure, it not only provides a clean and reliable power guarantee for the central and eastern regions of China, but also promotes the transformation of hydropower resource advantages to economic advantages in the western poverty-stricken areas and ethnic minority areas

re Electrification: deep substitution of fossil energy

in addition to promoting UHV, re electrification was also mentioned by delegates

the so-called re electrification is to realize the deep substitution of electric energy for fossil energy and the large-scale development and utilization of new energy in the production and consumption links

Liu Hanyuan believes that at present, three-quarters of China's energy consumption is still coal, natural gas, etc., and only one-quarter is electricity consumption. In the future, electricity will reach one-half or two-thirds of the proportion. Therefore, automobile electrification, energy consumption electrification, and power production cleaning are the inevitable choices for our future environmental governance, pollution control, and the development of the whole industry

however, at present, the policy guidance related to re electrification is not clear enough, and the measures are not in place. It is urgent for national policies to play a better leading role. At the same time, the policy adjustment should not neglect one side, but start from the production side and the consumption side at the same time

from the production side, Shi Yudong suggested that we need to focus on re electrification, deepen the "two alternatives", meet the power demand in a clean and green way, and strive to win the blue sky defense war

Zou Jin believes that this change is bound to expand the local consumption of energy and alleviate the pressure of water abandonment for Ya'an, Sichuan and even the whole western region with rich resources. At the same time, through the unified dispatching and management of national electricity, vigorously implement the replacement of water and fire, carry out inter provincial hydropower and thermal power generation, and reduce the application of coal, fuel oil and gas, we can truly achieve "green development", so as to effectively promote the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China

from the consumer side, Liu Hanyuan suggested that corresponding mechanisms should be established to adjust the relatively backward mode of energy production

he pointed out that the future trend of the whole energy consumption is electrification. What is more urgent than the concern of European and American countries about atmospheric warming is that Chinese people are more concerned about having a breath of clean air. The happiness, security and sense of gain of ordinary people all come from a beautiful air environment. However, at present, I feel that everyone is not aware of and guided enough

therefore, it is necessary to create a policy environment conducive to power consumption in terms of policy, reduce the burden of power enterprises, peel off the non enterprise functions, reduce the cost of power, and make power consumption the primary choice

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