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Overview of tobacco preliminary processing

fresh tobacco leaves that are mature in the field can meet the needs of the cigarette industry after a series of preliminary processing, such as modulation, grading, redrying, fermentation and so on. Taking flue-cured tobacco as an example, the preliminary processing process is summarized as follows:

first, prepare

fresh tobacco leaves to be roasted from the field harvest, which is called initial roasting. It is to place the mature fresh tobacco leaves in the curing room, and under certain temperature and humidity conditions, through the three stages of yellowing, color fixing and dry tendon, promote the full transformation of the substances contained in the tobacco leaves to the direction conducive to improving the smoking quality, so that the tobacco leaves can become industrial raw materials with high use value and easy to preserve

II. Grading

according to the correlation between the appearance characteristics and internal quality of tobacco leaves, the tobacco leaves after initial curing are divided into appropriate groups and grades. The strict classification is not only for the use value of new composite materials being studied by industry, but also for taking into account the interests of tobacco farmers, enterprises and the country, high quality and good price, and mobilizing the enthusiasm of tobacco farmers to plant high-quality tobacco leaves

three redrying

graded tobacco leaves generally have high moisture content, are easy to mildew, and are not suitable for storage. They need to enter 4 There is no corrosive medium around; Re bake, remove dust and sundries, dry, cool and regain moisture, and kill insects and bacteria, Control the moisture content of tobacco leaves at 11%. 1. Shihui engineering plastics are mainly divided into general-purpose and special types. With relevant departments, we have studied and formulated policy documents such as the medium and long-term development plan of the automotive industry, the action plan for the continuous and healthy development of the offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), the action plan for the development of additive manufacturing industry (2017 (2) 020), and the guidance on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAVs -13%, To facilitate storage and natural aging

four fermentations

the new tobacco leaves produced in that year are not suitable for the manufacture of tobacco products due to the shortcomings of green miscellaneous gas, strong irritation, impure taste and poor flammability to varying degrees. Generally, the redried tobacco leaves should be aged during the storage process of 1-2 years to improve the quality of tobacco leaves, so as to become the raw material of cigarettes. At present, the artificial fermentation adopted by China's cigarette industry is a way to accelerate the aging process of tobacco leaves under the condition of insufficient tobacco leaf inventory. Under the suitable temperature and humidity conditions in the fermentation room, some chemical and physical changes occur in the contents of tobacco leaves, which can improve the processing performance and smoking quality of tobacco leaves to a certain extent

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