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Overview of the development status of functional paper (2)

10) in the field of high-speed transportation machinery

① space related rocket nozzle paper; ② Honeycomb structure paper; ③ Strength paper

11) communication and information field

① various recording papers and packaging materials, such as electrostatic recording paper, magnetic paper, high-sensitivity fax paper, thermal and pressure-sensitive recording paper, and standard paper for hard copy; ② Paper that won't dirty your hands when moving

12) electronic equipment field

① printing base paper and flexible printing base paper with good dimensional stability; ② Electromagnetic wave shielding paper, anti-static paper; ③ Non hygroscopic insulating paper, high-function battery paper (such as plastic battery compartment, etc.); Paper battery (a kind of paper that can store and release energy)

13) in the field of medicine and chemicals

① carriers for catalysts, pesticides, fungicides, algicides and algae reproduction inhibitors; ② Skin protection paper, telescopic bandage, telescopic plaster paper, coating material with disinfection and sterilization function; ③ Bacterial filter paper, filter paper with sterilization function

14) biotechnology related fields

① carrier for intrinsic oxygen; ② Microbial culture paper; ③ Precision filter paper for separating microorganisms, filter paper for sterile room

15) metal material field

① conductive paper; ② Antirust paper

16) polymer chemistry field

① plastic, metal box, metal evaporation composite substrate; ② Derivatives of cellulose and lignin with certain functions; ③ Fillers for various plastics and enhancers for conductive resins; ④ Kitchen supplies (degreasing), sanitary materials (diaper paper); ⑤ Insect proof paper containing insecticides such as mosquito, ant and fly prevention

17) ceramic field

① paper containing incombustible and heat-resistant functional fillers to replace asbestos; ② Fine ceramic base material, ceramic paper, honeycomb ceramics; ③ It is a heat-resistant structural material and building material sintered from inorganic fiber mixed papermaking paper

18) new glass field

① roof cover plate; ② Paper separation between glass and glass

19) miscellaneous areas

① various items that are thrown away when used, such as travel slippers, camping pots, etc; ③ Various decorative materials, fire-resistant wallpaper, etc

20) field of super functional materials

① fuel cell raw materials; One important use of this kind of TPE material is as polymer asphalt binder (PBB) ② enzyme and microbial fixative; ③ Superconducting printed circuit paper; ④ Body masking protective paper

21) other

① its ash can replace cement paper; ② Light weight paper; ③ Paper that replaces asbestos

3. Application and development of various functional papers

the birth of various functional papers is closely related to social needs. The following is a brief introduction to the application and development of various functional papers

first of all, there is a close relationship between the common points of class 1 and class 8 paper as packaging materials. The market value of Japanese packaging materials paper accounts for 44% of its total value and 55% of its weight. Paper is widely used as a box, and 50% of the box is used for fresh fruits and processed food. When the food is transported and stored in the box, it can be kept for a long time. It has the freshness of highly intensive technology, high investment in research and development, and the impact area is up to more than one day, which is extremely effective in preventing decay. Now there are wrapping paper and partition paper with cold preservation and fresh-keeping functions for this kind of partition box. Various adsorbents developed in the process of studying this kind of paper are also used in indoor wallpaper and odor proof paper

disposable bedsheets and surgical gowns used in two types of medical fields are made of non-woven special paper. Some paper can absorb water equivalent to 500 times its own weight. These have greatly improved the conditions of medical work. The market size of medical non-woven fabrics in the United States has reached about US $1billion, while that in Japan is not as large as 1/10. It is estimated that Japan's non-woven fabrics will also have a huge development in the near future

in the field of three types of air conditioning and living environment, the typical use is as various filters and heat exchangers. The characteristic of paper is that it has countless pores with several microns of aperture, so it has the characteristics of water absorption and filtration. Recently, glass fibers and polymer fibers with a diameter of less than 1um have been developed successively, and filters made of these raw materials by papermaking technology have emerged. When it is used in the sterile room of food processing and the dust-free room of semiconductor processing, it has superior filtration performance one order of magnitude higher than the previous filter. In addition, some filters based on ceramic fibers can not only exchange heat of air conditioners, but also exchange humidity. At the same time, this new type of heat exchanger can also save energy

in the four types of computer related fields, it was once thought that there would be a paperless era, but now it is just the opposite. Especially in the field of information recording paper, various functional paper has become a hot commodity. With the development of information society, there will be a huge market. It is estimated by Japan that this kind of paper will account for 10% of its PVC paper products (about 1million T/a)

in five kinds of civil engineering fields, the water absorption function of paper can be improved by using new polymers, and it can be used in dry areas to promote greening. In addition, the paper that uses the capillary absorption of paper to lift groundwater to the surface has also reached practicality

in six types of agricultural fields, paper used for hotbeds and paper with heat preservation effect that can absorb specific infrared rays released from the surface at night have long been used. Cellulose fiber is characterized by decay over time under the action of soil bacteria. If after certain processing to control the decay rate. It can be used continuously for a certain period of time and then discarded without causing public hazards. Furthermore, by endowing plants with the function of breeding, materials that do not cause environmental pollution can be obtained

in 7 categories of aquatic products; Waterproof boxes, boxes or water-resistant boxes have been used to pack aquatic products, and the various uses mentioned in the previous seven categories will also be used in succession

in the field of class 9 and 10 transportation machinery, paper is used to reduce the occurrence of electric shock as structural materials, such as honeycomb structure and support plate, which requires strength and wear resistance. Adding glass, carbon, ceramic fibers and various cellulose fibers to the pulp will double the strength of the paper

in the field of 11 types of communication and 12 types of electronic equipment, it is similar to the previous computer field. The use of various magnetic cards, credit cards and POS (automatic settlement machines using paper) paper is expanding. In addition, high-performance electrical insulating paper with polymer fibers and inorganic fibers as raw materials has also been used

in the field of 13 kinds of drugs and 14 kinds of biological fields, in addition to the filter paper that has been widely used now, the paper with crustaceans as raw materials has attracted attention recently. It can be used as artificial kidney membrane and also can be used to accelerate wound healing. In addition, there are artificial liver paper and artificial kidney paper with organ function, paper with special functions by fixing several enzymes on paper, protein fibrosis, alginate fiber paper, etc

antirust paper has long been used in the field of 15 types of metals. Due to the expansion of international trade, the problem of rust prevention of products in transportation becomes more important, and the demand for rust proof paper increases too much. not long ago. There are universal antirust paper and antirust paper that can be pasted inside and outside the partition box

in the field of 16 kinds of polymers, in order to overcome the weakness that paper is easy to break when encountering water, paper and plastic film are combined together, which has been widely used at present. Recently, due to the progress of vacuum evaporation technology, metal is being evaporated on plastic laminated paper to produce various kinds of paper similar to metal foil. Some paper made of imaging aluminum foil is being promoted in many fields because of its convenient use. For example, steamed aluminum paper can be woven into cloth like gold thread and silver thread as high-grade clothing material

in the field of 17 types of ceramics and 1, 8 types of new glass, inorganic fiber paper with asbestos, glass fiber and carbon fiber as raw materials was mainly used in the past, and now new inorganic fiber paper with various fibers as raw materials is being developed in succession. These fiber raw materials include graphite, silicate, alumina, polyaluminium andalusite, silicon carbide, potassium titanate fiber, etc. These new inorganic fibers are being used in all aspects

among the 19 miscellaneous fields, convenient paper products that reflect the flavor of the times are emerging. For example, paper vests that replace pure cotton have appeared. These will have an impact on the way of social life

in the field of 20 kinds of super functions, it is still under research and development, and the next generation of functional paper will appear soon. Finally, I want to mention metal fiber paper. Recently, due to technological progress, it is not difficult to obtain very fine fibers with a diameter of 2-31lm. Therefore, aluminum, steel, tungsten, copper, stainless steel and other fibers can be used to make paper. These papers can be used as planar resistance heaters, electromagnetic wave shielding papers, gaskets, horns, filter materials, etc. Aluminum fiber paper has high thermal conductivity and large surface area. As a decorative board, it can improve cigarette resistance. In short, all kinds of functional paper are in the ascendant, which will have a great impact on our society

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