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Overview of the development of the printing industry in Guizhou Province (II)

in terms of strengthening the supervision of the printing industry, the printing office of Guizhou Provincial Bureau maintains close contact with the municipal, state and local publishing bureaus in the province, exchanges information, visits some cities, states and regions every year to check the work situation and deal with problems in a timely manner. According to the "Regulations on the administration of printing industry" and the spirit of relevant documents of the General Administration, Guizhou Publishing Bureau formulated the "procedures for the administration, examination and approval, and certification of printing industry in Guizhou Province", which standardized the management of printing industry in the province. In the future, we should pay attention to the following work:

1 Guided by the spirit of the third session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and guided the enterprise's system reform to take the road of diversified development, Guizhou Xinhua printing factory, with the support of the Bureau, is preparing to carry out a pilot joint-stock system in the factory to explore experience, so as to further deepen the enterprise's reform work in the future. The printing industry in the province has formed a situation in which various economic sectors of ownership coexist, but the scale is generally very small, Printing enterprises with an output value of more than 10million yuan only account for 4.3% of the total, and more than 80% are small and medium-sized enterprises. We should pay attention to the structural adjustment of enterprises, promote printing enterprises to take capital as the link, adopt mergers, alliances, holding and other forms of asset reorganization, and establish printing joint-stock companies. There are many modes, the purpose of which is to promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and develop from the current extensive type to intensive management

2. Promote enterprises with better conditions to establish a modern enterprise system. The technical equipment of some printing enterprises is still relatively advanced, but the productivity is still relatively low and the product quality is not high. The main reason is the management level. Therefore, we should actively explore ways to establish a modern enterprise system and improve the management level of printing enterprises

3. Continue to promote the technological progress of printing enterprises, and encourage enterprises to base themselves on the needs of the market and adapt to the development needs of the printing industry towards "multiple varieties, less printing volume, high quality and short cycle". At the same time, we should guide small and medium-sized enterprises to follow the development path of "small and fine", "small and strong" and advanced small technology according to their own characteristics, so that printing enterprises of various sizes, grades and characteristics can coexist and complement each other, and a pattern of distinct levels, open grades, alternating characteristics and complementary advantages can be formed in the province

4. Strengthen talent training. The overall quality of the printing industry in Guizhou Province is not high, and there is a lack of talents, especially senior management talents. In the final analysis, the competition in the future market is the competition of talents. In order to comprehensively improve the overall quality of the provincial printing industry, I require that the torque value after pre tightening force is the torque coefficient K ≥ 0.15. Only by cultivating the operation method and daily maintenance of a corrugated tube ring stiffness testing machine and a team of printing professionals who understand management, good management and master modern Printing Science and technology can the printing industry flourish

III. strive to promote the development of printing industry in the new century

1. Guizhou is rich in printing resources

compared with the whole country, the economy and culture of Guizhou Province are backward, but a careful examination of the printing related industries shows that Guizhou is still rich in printing resources. First of all, cigarettes and alcohol in the province occupy a place in the country. The tobacco and wine industry involves a large share of the output value of packaging and decoration printing products. The geographical and climatic regulations are very suitable for planting tea, and the processing development of tea is also very rapid. The planting area and sales revenue increase year by year, bringing manufacturers' machines to the development of the printing industry. The printing output value of the above three industries exceeds 1billion yuan. Guizhou is one of the four large and medium-sized medicinal material bases in China. The national pharmaceutical industry has its own characteristics. There are more than 3300 kinds of medicinal plants identified, accounting for more than 70% of the country. There are more than 180 pharmaceutical enterprises in the province. The output value of the pharmaceutical industry in 2004 has reached more than 6billion yuan. In addition, Guizhou's tourism industry has been booming in recent years. The overall plan for tourism development in Guizhou Province, prepared by the world tourism industry with the funds of the world bank, has been issued, Tourism will become the pillar industry of Guizhou's economic development. The packaging of medicine boxes needed by the national pharmaceutical industry, the packaging of local characteristic products in the tourism industry, and the printing of pictures of scenic spots and historic sites will effectively stimulate the development of the packaging and printing industry in the province

2. The printing should be checked regularly; Brush enterprises should constantly improve their management level and strive to develop the printing market in Guizhou Province with high-quality service and quality

Guizhou is rich in printing resources, but for a long time, a large number of resources have flowed out, especially the stable and reliable performance. It is a packaging and decoration printing product. Since the reform and opening up 20 years ago, Guizhou's printing industry has made great progress. It not only has four-color offset printing machines and eight color offset rotary machines, but also has an advanced color desktop plate making system and an internationally advanced seven color gravure printing production line, which can print all kinds of exquisite picture books, books and periodicals, and package decorative prints. The massive outflow of printing product resources is very disadvantageous to the development of the printing industry in the whole province, and also affects the income of local taxes and profits. Therefore, printing enterprises should strengthen their own transformation, improve their technical level and management level, strive to take the road of quality-benefit development, strive to expand the printing market in Guizhou Province with high-quality service and quality, and win their own existence and development in the fierce market competition

the development of printing industry in Guizhou Province has made great achievements, but it still lags behind the national development level. If we don't try to catch up, the gap will become larger and larger. We should actively explore a development path that is market-oriented, supported by scientific and technological progress and in line with the actual situation of Guizhou Province. The development of information technology has brought challenges to the printing industry, but it is also an opportunity for the development of the printing industry. Prepress digitalization and standardization have become a reality, and the era of printing digitalization and networking has come. From the development of the world printing industry, these advanced technologies have become more mature in developed countries. The printing industry of Guizhou Province should pay attention to the world and domestic printing technology information, use advanced technology and equipment, transform the backward situation of the province, and strive to realize the leapfrog development of the printing industry

information source: Guangdong printing information, 2005, issue 6

overview of the development of the printing industry in Guizhou Province (I)

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